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 Bogan's Future?

Discussion in 'Dark Jedi of the Bogan Archive Board' started by Mr.BossMan, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. Mr.BossMan

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    Hey so I got on earlier today and saw something that raised more questions. Apparently theres going to be a time line skip relatively soon. So i guess what I am asking is what does this mean for the Bogan? Will it be totally gone when the timeline jumps?

    I have a character who is kind of new to the Bogan, Anthoni. Currently he is stuck between good and bad, and the intro to the faction said you would explore a force shift. So IF we have to quit the Bogan like it doesn't exist in the next timeline, will we have that massive civil war?
  2. TheSilentWind

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    They won't be a timeline skip. Their is going to be a total timeline reboot of the site with the new canon that Disney has set being the new canon pretty much. Its going to change things a lot since the EU stuff is pretty much gone.
  3. Cainhurst Crow

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    There's a big coalition force called the Defiance Armada being made to wage bloody war on the empire. Our boss is helping to head the thing, so I guess any bogan who wants can sign up for it.
  4. Sapphire Storm

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    As has already been said, the coming thing is a complete timeline reboot. Everything to do with this timeline gets put away in the archives, including characters and factions, and a new timeline is established, utilising Disney's new canon and in a completely different time period than the current storyline takes place in. What that means is the current story will be completely over and a new one will begin, with all new characters, rehashed characters that people didn't get to properly explore in this timeline or just want to play some more, and a new story in a completely different time period in the Star Wars universe.