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    Blackwell Independent Technologies


    • Office on Manaan, Corellia, Nar Shaddaa
    • N/A

    Blackwell Independent Technologies (BIT) is a new firm established by Tasha Blackwell. Originally, Tasha had ties to the Sith Empire, and also worked as a dancer at the Lusty Lekku. However, limited career opportunities and a lack of passion to rise up within the Sith ranks led her to pursue her own interests. Having worked with clients from various backgrounds, she has very good insights into what merchandise and products are marketable throughout the galaxy. As a result, Tasha connected with her wealthier clients to approach them about investing into her business ventures in turn for a share of the profits.

    Her initial funding went towards acquiring a corporate office to set up a supply chain for manufactured goods. The initial employees have worked to streamline a product purchasing model that connects with distributers all across the galaxy. The firm does not have any explicit allegiances to any factions, though it will not hesitate to work with all. Tasha recognizes the value in appealing to all customers, and she has hired researchers to study market trends and analysis to deliver the best merchandise.

    Tasha’s goals are to start small and eventually expand beyond anything she could have ever achieved within the Sith or as a dancer. Her goal is to pull together the best of the best for a team that will drive innovation and technology to give her firm a brand name across the galaxy.​

    BIT is broken down into several divisions of interests. While all of these are small for now, there is plenty of opportunity for growth in each. The focus to start is weapons/armaments. This focus covers a wide range of products – starting from personal weapons and all the way to vehicle and ship armaments. BIT works to set up contracts with suppliers, along with housing their own manufacturing to provide the most in-demand weapons and technology to the galaxy. Their products will aid in the war effort for all sides, and the company aims to remain neutral in its allegiances.

    BIT also hopes to venture into science and R&D efforts to not only establish holdings in kolto production, but to also innovate and create entirely new prototypes for technologies. BIT is always hiring the brightest minds in science and technology, and there is plenty of opportunity for growth. As the company grows, there will be executive roles to fill. Players in these roles will be tasked with leading their own divisions and growing their own field of expertise.

    The public relations division is focused around building lasting relationships with leaders of other factions and/or maintaining existing relationships with suppliers. This division also works to maintain a professional image of BIT to the general public, and to perpetuate the notion that this is a very neutral company that can offer plenty of profit to all sides.

    • Weapons and Armamants
    • Bioweapons/Medical
    • Innovation and Experimental
    • Corporate Efforts and Relationship Management

    To create a corporation that hopes to eventually become a large enterprise that supplies technology, medical supplies and other products to players/factions as a whole. The intent is to create a very organic concept that offer tangible benefits and canon ties to existing technologies. This will function similarly to how Czerka worked, but managed and run entirely by PCs.

    • Setting Down Roots - COMPLETED - Established offices on Nar Shaddaa, Manaan and Corellia.
    • PL-10 - COMPLETED - Compound PL 10, PL 10 Grenades and the PL 10 chemical sprayer developed for sale and distribution by Blackwell Independent Technologies.
    • PIPE Cleaning - ONGOING - Blackwell being able to see their own version of the PIPE-VII.
    • One Piece - COMPLETED - Blackwell to own a production facility on a privately owed space station above Mustafar.
    • Learning the Ropes - ONGOING - Gain control criminal NPCs for Blackwell use.
    • Ain't too late for Kuat - ONGOING - For BIT to effectively takeover the Kuat Driveyards.
    • Burning Stars - ONGOING - Blackwell Independent Technologies assumes total control over the production of the Quickdraw blaster pistol and other Starburn products.
    • A Killer Brain - ONGOING - To obtain Hunter Killer Personality Matrices for testing to develop their own.
    • Plausible Deniability - ONGOING - Gain Control of Two Outlaw Tech Weapons Production Warehouses.
    • Market Value - COMPLETED - Blackwell obtains schematics for the Dart Pistol from Czerka Corporation's arms manufactoring plant on Balmorra.

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    This has a lot of potential. Your ability to generate hype will always impress me. >.<

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    @Sreeya - @Raydo

    Looking to create an alliance between the Mafia and BIT
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