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    System_Oculus Star System
    Grid Coordinates_P13 - Roulara Eridani Nebula
    Region_Expansion Region
    Rotation_36 Standard Hours
    Gravity_3.55lbs of Force
    Resources_Naturally Occuring Hydrocarbons, rare Crystals

    Bion-62 is a planet located in the Oculus Star System in the Roulara Eridani Nebula. They are governed by the Sodality of Fire, who have recently issued a Trade Embargo on the planet. It is a fairly unknown planet, with most who go there are traffickers, mining owners, and arms dealers who go to sell their weapons to the Kinsmen, or make a quick buck. Most who have heard of Bion-62 usually dismiss it, or make a reference to the Kinsmen.


    On Bion-62 the climate would generally be known to be arid, and cold, due to the fact that 70% of the surface of the planet is just earth, whilst the other 30% is the world oceans with most storm systems staying well within the oceans wind speeds reaching up to 230km/h. The planet is situated in the outer boundaries of the goldy locks zone in which the planet is usually ranging from minus 40 degrees celcius, to plus 20 degrees celcius, the atmospheric pressure produces what is felt to be 3.55lbs of force resulting in people feeling a little heavier when they visit the planet.


    Bion-62 would gererally be described as a flatter planet than most with its most identifiable trait to be its majestic prairies with tall grass, lakes and lagoons. The planet's surface is 70% covered by landmass whereas the other 30% are fresh drinking water sources and the world oceans. The oceans are surrounded by large mountains in which it acts as a barrier keeping the water and storm cycles in one particular area. The cities of Bion-62 are generally located by fresh water sources, or on the outskirts of the mountains.


    The written history of Bion-62 - proclaimed by the first governing body of the planet the Sodality of Fire - would declare that the Kinsmen were the first to arrive from beyond the stars - written in the Great Scripture known as the "Last Voyage," which explained in detail how the Sodality came from their devastated origin planet to their beautiful new homeworld - establishing the first offical governing body of Bion-62; proclaiming the planet as their own, laying full claim to all its land, resources, and animals.

    Soon after their arrival on Bion-62 the Sodality began to slowly spread across the planet establishing well-knit communities, as well as mining operations upon the planet with the sacvenged technologies of their recently destroyed homeworld. Building their communities around the mines, the Kinsmen would extract fuels and ores, harvest stone and lumber for building materials, hoping to one day build up cities and renew their once lost civilization.

    As the influence of the Sodality spread slowly but surely across the biomes of Bion-62 with their successful mining operations they began to attract unwanted attention from the Ooon, an indigenous tribal species that inhabit Bion-62 who found it to be taboo that the Kinsmen were harvesting resources from the planet, to the Ooon it was taking their blood from their veins.

    The Ooon confronted the Kinsmen, but due to the lack of verbal communication they were unable to freely voice their opinions to the Sodality - the Kinsmen saw this as an oppurtunity to install seeds of doubt also a trust between the two peoples, with the Kinsmen beginning to gift them with useless technologies, which entranced the Ooon who never before encountered advanced technology other than bows and arrows, and simple technologies. This established the first trades between the two peoples.

    The Kinsmen manipulated the Ooon into trading them meats, fruits and rare gemstones found in sacred caves for useless junk, broken tech, and other trinkets that interested the Ooon - the kindheartedness and caring nature of the Ooon would prove to be their downfall, as they never questioned the Kinsmen with their trades, trusting them that they were giving them a fair trade for their hard work.

    As the relations grew between the Kinsmen and the Ooon, the Sodality began to see how useful this primitive species turned out to be. The hunting and tracking prowess, as well as their surprising strength and durability for their small statures became treasured skills that the Kinsmen were able to put to use. Seeing only one option in sight, the Sodality agreed that they must enslave the Ooon since creating a working government between the two would take too long, thusly deciding that they were to force the Ooon to partake their ways, language, and teachings.

    The Kinsmen manipulated the Ooon into bringing the Kinsmen to their villages, where the Kinsmen would use the element of surprise, as well as their advanced technology to subdue the tribal people, capturing them and putting them into prisons - killing off all those who resisted agaisnt their commands, snuffing out any resistance amoungst the Ooon. The men were prized for their hunting and tracking prowess, used like military dogs the Kinsmen would pair them with bounty hunters to make their jobs easier. Muscular male specimens were kept as manual labourers most being worked until death, building the foundation of the Sodality's cities on their blood. The women of the tribes were kept as personal household slaves, meant to prepare meals, clothing, and clean for the Kinsmen. The Ooon were forced to sleep outside like animals, unable to speak their native tongue freely, nor were they allowed to have a relationship with a Human.

    The children of the Ooon were taken and put into Sodality schooling, in which they were stripped of their individual culture, language, and ways, forcing them to take on their ways of life, as well as religion. If the children uttered a single word in their native tongue, they would be punished severely, the punishments would range from a strap on the wrists to being beaten to an inch of their lives - nor were they allowed to speak to human children. This incident would come to be known in written history as "The Grand Ascension."

    Generations have passed after the Grand Ascension, the Sodality of Fire still holds an iron grip over the planet Bion-62. Their cities are built upon the foundations of slavery and blood. The Kinsmen Secret Police roaming the planet keeping the public subdued. Iniating a trade embargo upon the planet, as well as strict access to their airspace nothing goes in or out without the Kinsmen knowing.


    The Sodality of Fire are a plutocracy in which their planetary authority are concentrated within a few key individuals; a spiritual leader, military leader, corprate leader and a medical leader; otherwise known as the Council. All decisions made by the Sodality are put before them, in which they all must agree in to determine what course of action should be taken and when. The transfer of power is issued within the Council themselves via covert measures, they play a shadowy game in which the members cheat, lie and bribe their way into holding onto their leadership, or evicting someone from power - in some rare cases there are duels where one member challenges another to a test of dominance, usually to the death.

    The Sodality of Fire rules Bion-62 with an iron fist, with legions of their Kinsmen patrolling the streets looking for deviant behaviour, causing public unrest and paranoia between neighbours. They hold their ideals high in regard, snuffing out those who dare speak against their cause; thinking that sub-human species are not equal to that of a human, and must be enslaved.


    There is only one religion that is accepted on Bion-62 - that is the "Way of the First Flame" where the anicent texts were preserved for thousands of years on the homeworld of the Sodality of Fire. They attempted to uproot all other verbal teachings, written texts, and historical arts that may point to another culture or religion, they believe that their ideals are above all, and all most follow their guiding light, or reach ascension with the cleansing flame.

    There is a secret underground culture, where the Ooon meet in secret. They keep their religion and ways of life alive in the shadow of the Kinsmen. With their iron grasp over their people, they undoubtedly inginited the spark in which will start the rebellion against them. As long as the Ooon keep losing their way of life, they will need to sacrifice some of their beliefs in order to preserve their beliefs.

    Noteable Locations

    • The Capitol of Bion-62 is no other than the city Solaris, named after the founder of their religion. This city was the first city built on Bion-62 and is the pride of the Kinsmen. It is the main hub of activity with most of the Kinsmen housed here. This city serves as the base of operations for the Council.

    • The sacred caves of Amaruk are the caves that the Ooon people hold rituals in. Little are known about these caves with explorers who venture in, often fail to make it back out.

    • The Great Prarie is the planet's largest prarie, spanning an astounding 583 kilometers lush with lagoons and tallgrass are a sanctuary for animals, and beauty to behold by anyone.

    • Mount Ooonaga is the largest mountain on Bion-62, with the height of 3, 267 meters up, not many have ventured into the mountains, except those from the Ooon tribes who made a pilgrimage to the mountains in order to see the ultimate balance from atop the world.

    • The Mine is commonly refered to on Bion-62 as the place where criminals go to die, whoever is captured by the Secret Police are usually transferred here to work the rest of their days in the mines, and if they're lucky, they will get a meal out of it.

    • The black-market or more commonly known as the Underground is where all the scum of the planet congregate to sell illegal contraband under the noses of the Kinsmen. Here there are no rules, there are no police, there are no Kinsmen. Its only you and the scum around you, hope you have fun!


    Bion-62 is home to one moon, where increased seismic activity has caused the super volcanoes on the surface to erupt, which constantly bombards the surface of the planet altough the Kinsmen had taken precautions to ensure their cities would not be harmed via installing a barrier, those who see the moon remark upon how hauntingly beautiful it is in the night sky. Bion-62 also has a loosely scattered asteroid belt surrounding the planet with most people take to call debris.


    The Sodality of Fire is equipped with some pretty impresssive and advanced technologies, most of their tech revolves around extracting resourses, ranging from mining ships that could potentially carry entire mining operations within them, to personal mining equipment, due to the Sodality's leaders leaning more towards corporate gain instead of military might - but do not underestimate their military might. The Sodality has issued a Trade Embargo upon the planet, with their fleet constantly patrolling their star system to ensure total control.

    The Ooon however are a more primitive species, equipping themselves with only bows and arrows and primitive rock tools, in which they leaned more towards spiritual growth than advancing themselves technologically. Their biggest building was no more than a single-story, relying on natural formations rather than artifical structures.


    My intent for this Planet RP wise is for players to explore around a dystopian city, explore new bits of lore and culture, and I'd personally like to see someone spark the rebellion upon the planet! Maybe someone could free the enslaved Ooon people, or seize control of the Sodality. Anything is possible!
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