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 Beginner's Guide to SWRP

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    Whether you're a returning member or entirely brand new, we would like to welcome you to the site!

    To start, we encourage you to read and familiarize yourself with our forum Rules and Guidelines. Though not required, we also recommend new members to post an introductory thread on our Welcome Board.

    Now, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask them in your introductory thread, in the Role-Playing Help board, or via private message to any one of our staff members. We hope you enjoy your time here on this website.


    Welcome to SWRP's FAQ. If the information contained herein does not answer any further questions you may have, please feel free to reach out to TheSWRP's Community Administrator @Faster Than Light.

    How Does This Site Work?
    Nearly everything about this question can be found on our forum Rules and Guidelines Board. Seriously, you’ll want to start on this board first, before you proceed. While we don’t expect you to commit every rule to memory, it’ll be wise of you to know, and familiarize yourself with where the rules are located, and importantly, what is expected of each role player on our board.

    Who are the Staff Members that Run the site?
    Read our Staff Members thread in the Rules and Guidelines Board to learn about them.

    Site RP Style
    This site operates using the Free form RP style. This means our forum is a collaborative story RP site. We pride ourselves of the freedom that the members have to craft collaborative stories with other members. You cannot control the actions of other characters without the character-owner's consent. You can however state what you are attempting to do to the character (i.e. "shooting at the enemy's lovable face" over "the enemy was shot in their lovable face").

    What Era are we RPing In?
    We're role-playing roughly around 6,398 years before Episode IV, in a timeline called The Fires of Rebellion. The timeline takes place during The Great Galactic War. The Great Galactic War is composed of a multitude of smaller wars: the rebellion against the Sith Empire by a group that calls themselves the Galactic Alliance (which includes the Jedi), the Mandalorian uprising. But, often, the lines of battle are so blurred that it hard to distinguish one war from another. The Sith Empire has just came out of a civil war with it's two main prefectures and stands united once again. The Great Galactic War was the culmination of five centuries of Sith dominion; and, ironically, it was the Sith that started it. Learn more about it here...

    Whats the First Step?
    First step is to create a character(character creation process is covered in the next section). Afterwards, you can start a thread in one of the Role-Play forums or join a [OPEN] thread in it (or ask thread participants to join an [ASK] thread. All IC(In Character) threads are posted in Role-Play forums. You can post OOC(Out Of Character) threads for your IC threads in the Story OOC forum.

    Here is a sample of a IC thread aka Role-Play.

    What is OOC and IC?
    OOC is a acronym for "out of character". So what are "OOC posts" exactly? Posts that aren't you or someone writing as their character. You can find some examples of OOC posts in the General OOC Chat and Announcements forums.

    IC is a acronym for "in character". "IC posts" are posts role-playing as characters. IC posts examples can be found in the Deep Core and Core Worlds forum.

    How Do I Post Threads ?
    At the top and bottom of a forum there is a "Post New Thread" button.


    Click on it. Pick a appropriate prefix by clicking the "(no prefix)" button and selecting one from the drop down menu that appears, type a thread title into the "Thread Title" area, then write whatever you want below that. Afterwards, click the "Create Thread" button.

    How Do I Edit Threads ?
    Once your thread is posted you can edit it in two ways. First, you can edit the bulk of the content by looking at the bottom of the post and clicking the "Edit" button.


    Second, you can edit the title, add a poll or delete the thread with the "Thread Tools" button at the top of your thread.


    What are Thread Prefixes?
    A thread prefix is the tag that appears before a thread title. Each prefix has it's own meaning.

    The follow are some explained:
    • OPEN means a thread is open to your character joining, as long as there is a reason and possibly your character could be there.
    • ASK means a thread is closed to joining, but you may PM the thread creator asking if your character can join.
    • PVP means the thread is death enabled, and combat may be involved. If you join one of these threads, understanding that you're agreeing to the possibly of your character dying.

    Need More Advice On Finding Threads?
    Threads with the prefix [OPEN] would be the best place to start. Message/inbox the original thread creator and or participants to inquire about joining the thread or just jump in! The same goes for [ASK] threads; as the name implies, you need to ask for permission to join the thread before entering in. In addition, you can always create your own thread and invite others to join you! A second way of finding RP opportunities is by joining a main factions, and participating in mission/training/faction specific threads.

    OPEN Threads are Death Disabled by Default
    It is important to note that ALL [OPEN] threads are Death Disabled by default. If you want to make a death enabled [OPEN] thread, you must include the [PVP] prefix in it's title. You may not add the [PVP] prefix to an [OPEN] thread once it's already posted unless all parties in the thread agree to it. In NON-PVP [OPEN] threads captures are possible only if the player of the character being captured agrees to it. By default, no one can forcefully capture a character, even if they are KO'd, from a NON-PVP thread.

    We highly recommend joining or starting [OPEN] threads as it is a great way to create connections with other characters!

    Learn how to create a character in the Character Creation Rules & Guide. It is a MUST READ.

    Please be aware, each member is only allowed to write FOUR (4) characters at a time. If you are done with a character or they've died they may be retired to the Character Archive Board. However, understand that a character shouldn't be put here lightly. Archiving a character is permanent.

    How Do I Get My Character Approved?
    As aforementioned, all you have to do is post your character profile in the Character Profiles forum, then wait for it to get approved. You do not need to contact anyone, or post a request for approval anywhere.

    Why Do I Need a Sub-Account?
    In order to get credits for your character (credits are needed for your character to level up) you must create a sub-account for your character, and post as your character on it. After you follow all the steps to create a sub-account, the sub-accounts name will become gray and italic, and that's when you know it's ready to post with.

    Do I Need Approval Before Making a Sub-Account?
    No. You can use your character in basic role-plays before it's approved. You just cannot use it in faction events before it's approved.

    Are WIP Allowed?
    Yes, but they should be posted in the Player Workshop Board rather than the Character Profile Board. Rather than make a secondary thread in the Character Profiles board, just notify the Community Admin @Faster Than Light requesting the thread be moved.

    Can I create my own species/planet/lore/tech?
    Absolutely! For more info on species creation check here. There is also the Planet Creation, Lore and Tech Creation Boards as well! However, please note that we examine the intent for the creation into consideration when approving. User content submissions require Moderator or Admin approval before they can be used in role-play. Look at submissions by other individuals to see if they created something that satisfies your needs as well.

    For newer players we recommend that that when making your first character it's not dependent on a write-up needing approval. User content take time to be reviewed, may require edits, and are not guaranteed approval. But if you still want to, be sure to read the stickies, make sure you are familiar with our setting, and that will maximize your chances of approval.

    Currently, there are three (3) main factions which can be found in the Factions and Organizations subforums. Explore each faction forum and read the threads inside them as they have important information you need to know. The main factions are: the Galactic Alliance (which includes the Jedi), The Sith Empire and the Mandalorians.

    Faction Ranks
    Each faction has information on their ranks detailed in threads inside their forum.

    Bounties this timeline are being tackled a little differently than they have been in timelines previous. In addition to allowing for player-submitted bounties, as has been done in the past, bounties are now also a real consequence of actions in the RP. LEARN MORE...

    So my Character Can be Hunted and Killed?
    Yes. If your character is put on the bounty list, other characters can, within reason and realistically, hunt your character down for rewards. Your character will have to defend himself or herself if confronted by a bounty hunter.

    This section will be devoted to covering some of our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer to your question in the above content chances are it will be here. If not please reach out to one of our staff!

    How much Expanded Universe material does the forum use?
    If canon information is unavailable or lacking, then Expanded Universe (EU) information will be used sparingly. Here on SWRP we try to stick to canon as much as we can. If you're unsure about whether something is allowed simply ask. The general rule of thumb is if it's canon is good to go. If it's EU it may require approval.

    Can my character be related to canon characters?
    Generally, the rule on this is no. However, Mandalorian surnames don't count here. You character is welcome to be a member of one of the Mandalorian clans.

    Can I port my character from another RP website?
    Yes! Provided the character fits our current timeline.

    Are NPC's allowed?
    Yup, be aware that NPC's are always inferior to PC's. NPC's are meant to world build and add flavor to the story. Unless under special circumstances, members may only use NPCs if their PCs are present also. You can create and submit NPC profiles in the Non-Player Character Profiles forum.

    Does this site have a Chat box or is it going to get one?
    TheSWRP does not. For more information on why we will not be implementing a chat box in the future, please view this link.

    However, our site has an official Discord server with channels for all factions! Click here to join!
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