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    ► 1.8 Meters
    ► 250 lbs
    ► Red
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    ► Independent
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    BD-Class Medical Droids were said to be the next great innovation in galaxy-wide sentient health - top of the line medical droids with vast knowledge of species physiology and makeup. Originally produced by LiMerge Industries, BD-43, the forty-third schematic and first fully constructed physical prototype of the BD-Class Surgical Droid was created to help the galaxy within times of war. A technological marvel, LiMerge Industries sank many of its resources into the development of the droid, preparing it for an investors’ showcase in the hopes to get more funding. However, BeeDee’s programming and AI was riddled with bugs and incomplete coding. After an unfortunate accident involving a Twi’Lek and the droid’s extensive knowledge of the cardiovascular system, production was ordered to cease, and LI was nearly placed into bankruptcy.

    Following the incident, BeeDee was placed into a storage facility, where, unbeknownst to his manufacturers, he was still active. While LiMerge Industries attempted to recover, BD plugged himself into a wall socket, idle and left with nothing but code running through his processor. BeeDee was designed to help people, but here, with no way out, he could not fulfill his programming as a medical droid, his purpose. Months passed, and, without a memory wipe, what many refer to as quirks in BD-43’s programming began to develop, adding personality where there had been little before. After a year in isolation, with no way to fulfill his programming, BeeDee broke, spiraling into an existential depression as close as a droid could. Despite this, BD-43’s programming was not entirely broken, and, as such, he could not cause physical harm to chassis unless it were in the service of a sentient’s health. Instead, BeeDee settled for a power down after two years alone.

    LiMerge eventually recovered, but their storage facility containing BD was raided, and with it, the droid was lost, taken by a small crew of Bounty Hunters on a job.
    Marred by a powerful sense of nihilism, BeeDee would like nothing more than to jettison himself into the nearest star. However, his programming will not allow him to do so unless in the service of others, instead forcing him to carry out his primary programming and the occasional murderous “glitch” that has plagued his internal processor since he was manufactured. However, where many would be turned off by such a bug, BeeDee’s crewmates have a tendency to use it to their advantage, including one instance in which BD “accidentally” wiped out an entire population of kreetles, triggering a war between two small Hutt gangs on a neighboring Outer Rim world.
    Few in the galaxy can match BeeDee's sarcasm, and one might question whether or not he derives any sort of pleasure from pointing out the obvious for everyone in his company. Prolonged exposure to BD's wit can generate feelings of low-self worth and the occasional digestive issue.
    BD-43 is a BD-Class Surgical Droid sporting a white durasteel chassis with red accents and scarlet photoreceptors. He stands at 1.8 meters exactly and is often found sporting a surgical apron, citing the attire as “one of the few things that brings me a modicum of the droid equivalent to joy.”
    I’m sorry if this hurts, but just remember that you can actually feel something. Be thankful for that.”

    Medical Care: BeeDee is an expert at the handling of and use of medical equipment to get the job done.

    “You couldn’t tell a Rodian’s genitals from its nose.”

    Physiological Knowledge: BeeDee is equipped to diagnose and fix the medical concerns of well over 3 million species in the galaxy. This extends to all systems of the body. It also extends to harming them in this same way.

    “You killed an entire population!”

    Disease and Toxin Control: BeeDee could kill a rancor given enough time, in a manner of speaking. He is an expert an manufacturing poisons and diseases in order to incapacitate or kill.

    "I was programmed to accommodate the health of sentients in the galaxy. As a self-proclaimed expert of reverse engineering, killing them was relatively easy."

    BD is a skilled marksman. Though he lacks a targeting computer at the moment, droid precision is a given most of the time. Just aim and pull the trigger.

    1x 2B-Series Protocol Droid
    1x Rogue Armor
    2x Dirk Slug Pistol
    1x E-33 Blaster Carbine
    1x Collapsible Staff
    2x HH-69 Adhesive Grenade
    2x CZ Riot Gas


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    Not one of the mods but I have to ask. Did you just make a homicidal marvin from Hitchhikers guide?
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    That wasn't my intention, but that's a funny catch!