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  1. Cinder

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    Cinder simply removed the power cell out of the weapon then tossed the blaster at the Padawan's feet, he did not very much like the idea of letting the Jedi go, but again there was little he could do but support his superior officer.

    With the weapon returned to the Jedi, Cinder walked to the unconscious Jedi to recover his own lightsaber which she had taken from him earlier. Once that was done Cinder simply began to make his way towards the forge without looking back on the Jedi.

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  2. Brent Fury Drast

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    The music played and played as the Drast's force continued to build. His grip on his two sabers remained tight. He extinguished the blade in his left after the blaster was thrown and clipped it to the small of his back, out of sight. With an open palm he pulled the blaster to his hand and held it at his side. Cinder had not even ejected the magazine before giving it back to him. But Brent had some integrity and did not use the weapon.

    "Now walk towards the forge. Don't stop until you're at least a hundred meters away from us." He was not going to let his guard down until they had no advantage or belief that they could surprise him by turning on him. Only once they had reached the requested distance would he go to Sakadi, holster his blaster and in turn inject her with some rev-all he had been keeping on his person for this exact kind of situation. She would regain conciousness and the healing would continue. With her able to walk he would get them back to the arcanian cutter and get her on board.

    The ship was damaged sure. It would groan as Brent maneuvered it out of the partially lodged parking spot. Crumbling rocks and bent metal would groan and crack as the ship lifted off the ground stirring up more dust. The Padawan had the knight safe and stable, had lost the forge to the sith. His new ship would require some repairs, a replacement escape pod, but it was still mostly in working order. Flying low and slow he would have to deal with the wind wipping into the cockpit while he flew since he had cut a whole in it before. "Hey, Grandmaster, I've got good news and bad news...well... mostly bad news..." Now that he thought about it, he would probably get a worse beating from her than he would have recieved from the two sith. Blast... maybe I should stop and get some rev-all before I meet back up with Arda. I'll need it.


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  3. Darth Kados

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    Mid did as the man told, walking backwards and watching the man's every move as he backed away. Through the slits of his helmet his golden eyes didn't let up.

    When they finally cleared the area and arrived at the forge, Mid yanked his helmet off and flung it through the air. Immediately he coughed and spat blood out of his mouth. He fished for his commlink as he sat on the stairs leading to the forge, his lightsaber still in hand. "Logos to the forge. Objective is secure." he ordered, receiving a unanimous 'yessir' from the troopers that managed to escape.

    It didn't take long for them to get there and thankfully they had medikits on their person. He would live at least. Despite his circumstances, he didn't feel too bad. He had a good fight, something he hadn't had in a long time. And if he could, he would have taken the Padawan on. He just hoped he met that Knight again. But if he didn't...well, at least they had something to remember each other by.

    The fleet would be cleaning up soon enough, and there was a small village not too far from where they were. But for now, Mid sat back to process what the hell happened today.

    But hey, at least it was a win...and he got a lightsaber out of it to boot...

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