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 Historical Battle of Al'doleem

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    Battle of Al'doleem​




    500 ABC


    Imperial tactical victory
    •The Galactic Alliance is forced to flee
    •Mandalorian War Councilor is killed​

    Rebel strategic victory
    •Galactic Alliance successfully evacuates the base on Al'doleem
    •Many Sith are killed​


    Old Empire

    Imperial Republica​
    Galactic Alliance



    Several Imperial Overseers​
    Several rebel Generals


    Old Empire
    Many Acolytes
    Many Agents
    1 mercenary
    Many ground troops​

    Imperial Republica
    Many Acolytes

    Galactic Alliance
    1 Jedi Master
    Many Jedi Padawans
    1 mercenary
    Many ground troops​

    2 Marauders
    1 War Councilor
    Daniel Solus†​


    Old Empire

    Imperial Republica
    Galactic Alliance
    Aro Saa


    Lore information​


    Site lore


    Battle of Al'doleem​

    "Come and play, you bastards."
    —Aro Saa⁽¹⁾

    The Battle of Al'doleem, also known as the assault on Al'doleem was a major battle fought in 500 ABC and was considered to have been a rebel victory, though it remains to be a controversial topic. The battle was an Imperial invasion, aimed at destroying the Galactic Alliance's Old Temple hidden on the remote river moon Al'doleem.

    2. The Battle

    3. Aftermath

    4. Intent


    During the Kaggath between Darth Vrael and Empress Lyanna Drast, a skirmish occurred on Nar Shaddaa. Varyn Rask, Tasha Blackwell, and Zul Kressh encountered Jedi Master Aurora Blackwood, her Padawan Arda Breaux, and rebel Tyler Ward, their verbal exchange on the street quickly heating up and turning to combat. Though the Sith originally assumed they were dealing with Mandalorians, Padawan Breaux quickly proved them wrong by igniting her lightsaber at the beginning of the fight. Following a scuffle, Master Blackwood and Tyler Ward both fled, leaving Arda alone. She was captured by the Sith and taken before Darth Vrael. The interrogation that followed saw her divulging the information of nearly every rebel base in the Galaxy, after which she was quickly discarded and thrown back to her cell.

    Shortly after, Jedi Master Valentine Rayth sneaked into the Sith Academy on Korriban and rescued Padawan Breaux, who later alerted the Alliance that their locations had been compromised. The rebels packed up and started the evacuation effort, but they were not fast enough...

    Red Right Hand

    "Do you feel that in the air, Vian? You must feel it... it's the Change."
    —Valar Dohaeris​

    The attack began with the first Imperial units being deployed just a few kilometers away from the base. A team was sent early to check the perimeter and ensure no traps had been set, lead by Acolyte Valar Dohaeris and Acolyte Vian Windrider. The two encountered opposition shortly after Imperial forces clashed with the rebels, and the two engaged Marauder Radth Kelborn and Padawan Pho Gorcru in battle. It was a short skirmish, only lasting a minute at most, but much happened.

    Vian fell to Radth's blaster bolts, which razed from his hip upward into his gut from point blank—impossible for the Sith to dodge. The Mandalorian did not even have time to cool his blaster before the second Sith fell; Valar accidentally ignited one of his lightsabers prematurely during a saber lock in a move that should have ended the duel but resulted in him cutting his own arm off. He fell, and Radth double tapped both Sith to ensure they would stay down. Imperial forces pushed through, nevertheless, though many fell to traps that the two should have disabled.

    No Escapees

    "It's a quiet day, all things considered."
    —Wes Thul-Drast​

    Aware that the rebels may still be using the base—despite reports indicating it had been abandoned—the Empire sent several troops to man anti-air guns into position to shoot down any escapees. This team was lead by Acolytes Wes Thul-Drast and Doz Noth, two Sith tasked with overseeing as the technicians set up the cannons—and to defend them.

    Jedi Master Luy—who had been one of the founding members of the new Jedi Order—arrived shortly after Sith moved in. Marauder Varus Wren appeared as backup, sticking to the trees, from where he attempted to shoot at the Sith as they dueled the Jedi Master. Wes Thul-Drast fell shortly after the battle began, as he tried to pivot from a slash from Luy, only to turn directly into a flurry of bolts Varus had shot at him.

    Doz Noth, being a combat medic, sought to help her fallen companion, but was taken down by the Jedi shortly after. What had been meant to be a support to the main battle had turned into disastrous failure. The Alliance claimed the cannons, and Wren shot both of the fallen Sith while Master Luy looked the other way.

    Many rebels escaped, but there was still the main attack going on.

    First Steps
    "Welcome to Al'doleem, you black-hearted bastards. Let's dance."
    —Aro Saa​

    The main attack saw Imperial troops storm the gates of the Temple, with a small team lead by Varyn Rask and Artarion Sekt. The two were stopped a few moments after entering by Mandalorian War Councilor Dan Solus and Jedi Padawan Aro Saa. What commenced was a brutal firefight, with the Jedi originally standing back and firing potshots at the Sith while Daniel took the brunt of the hits, but quickly ran into the thick of the fight. Steel clashed with plasma as Mandalorian fought Sith, but quickly found he was no match. Dan was bisected at the waist while trying to fire a violator, cut down after being outsmarted by Artarion. His Jedi companion fell quickly after, burned to death by Varyn Rask.

    It was a brutal end to a brutal fight, and Sith forces pushed deeper into the temple, taking no prisoners. Some were even ready to chalk it up as a victory, but they soon found they were mistaken.

    For the Empire
    "There is a Force user nearby. Use caution."

    Reports came in of a small pocket of rebels hiding out in outpost less than a kilometer away from the base, and a team of Imperials were sent to investigate, aided by a mercenary. Agent Q'san Torobah, Sith Acolyte Sythe, and Red Skull Gang member Markus Valentine sought to lay siege to the base, but the operation went South. Despite being outnumbered, Jedi Padawan Devrim Wolfe and assassin droid H5PAD held their ground, putting up a fight. After a brief scuffle, the Jedi was able to shoot Sythe to death as H5PAD took out Markus with several blaster bolts—one from a Lullaby heavy pistol. The assassin succumbed to his injuries shortly after, finding that Markus still had a little fight in him—as the mercenary fell, he got off a few shots on the droid, downing him for the fight.

    Seeing his teammates fall, Q'san fled without a second's thought, off to base to lick his wounds. The Jedi had fought hard and saved the rebels; they were considered successful by most accounts, though the Empire would never admit it.


    Most rebels not on the front lines managed to flee the base during battle, resulting in a mission success for the Alliance. The Empire's losses were staggering—they lost 5 Acolytes and a mercenary in quick succession, alongside the rest of the ground troops that fell. The Mandalorians, however, only lost a single man—but that was enough. Having a War Councilor fall while defending a Jedi base angered the leading House Solus, and shortly after the events of Al'doleem, they pulled out of their alliance with the Galactic Alliance.

    Only 3 of the leading Acolytes and Agents made it out of Al'doleem: Varyn Rask, Q'san Torobah, and Artarion Sekt. Artarion fell shortly later to Mandalorian forces, but Q'san persisted, going on to fight in several other campaigns. Varyn rose quickly through the ranks and eventually defected from the Imperial Republica, becoming a Sith Lord in the Old Empire. When Darth Vrael was assassinated by Raz and Leandros Solus, Varyn stepped up and took the throne and became the new Emperor.

    The Jedi were forced to abandon one of their first temples and the Alliance's central base, and Al'doleem was not the only world they evacuated—during the events on the river moon, rebels were also fleeing from Naboo, Tatooine, and Hoth, scattering throughout the Galaxy. This exodus ensured the Alliance would live to see another day, but many rebels and Jedi went MIA shortly after.


    To have a write up for an important historical event that took place this TL and to help newbies make sense of one of the early battles.
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