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    "Listen Up Marines, the Covenant have been hitting this planet hard for two days now, All contact with the Army and the government has ceased. Normally these buggers like to hit planets and burn em' to the ground, but something is keeping them around. Reports from Force Recon state that a spire is being constructed in the middle of Strutter's Bay, as well as heavy fortifications...Our friends over in the Office of Naval Intelligence have taken an interest in this spire.

    They have begun a top secret operation, but need a distraction to the heavy fortifications, that's where we come in. I'm dropping Reaper, Guardian, and Dread companies in via the beach, you'll strike those Covenant bastards down, while our boys from the 130th ODST drop in behind enemy lines and take them down. You'll have support from a detachment of combat engineers, but armor is not go during this operation. You'll be in there with your own two feet, once the beach has been secured armor will move in to help secure the cove. Major out."

    Strutter's Bay, Cenderon IV, Cenderon System, Outer Colonies, Milky Way Galaxy
    13:24 Standard Military Time, July 14th 2550
    Private Samuel Murray, 134MEF, 5MD, 6MR, RCOMP, 3PLT, 1SQ, FTA

    Storming the Beach

    "If you ask me, Command has been watching too many old world war films, a beach landing, sounds like a suicide mission if you ask me." A soldier chimed from their position within the crowded bloodtray of the Pelican. The usual assortment of seats had been stripped down and removed, allowing for a maximum standing capacity of troops, who could launch out and storm the ground within a moments notice.

    "Pipe down marine," called out the Lieutenant Vickers, whose short stature made his voice only emerge from the back of the group. "Strutter's Bay isn't any normal getaway beach town, this place was a bustling tourist city, similar to New Los Angeles. We're going to be landing on Canary Beach, it's about 500 meters from the shoreline to the large seawall that marks the barrier that watches over the city. Reports state that laser canons as well as several garrisons of defenses have been put in place around the perimeter of the city, we're going to be facing a lot of hell well we get out. Don't stop and keep moving, get to the sea wall."

    "What about the ODST, I thought those chumps were supposed to take out their defenses overnight." Called out another Marine.

    "The Drops didn't go as plan, shit went FUBAR real quick, we haven't had stable comms with them in several hours..." The Lieutenant responded in a grim tone.

    The lights inside the cabin flashed a warning yellow, as the pilot's voice broke through the speakers, "Entering the landzone, ETA 1 minute, prepare."

    Samuel glanced towards his fireteam, his face oozing with anticipation at the the thought of finally seeing the Covenant bastards in person. This is my time to effin' shine, who needs a Spartan or an ODST. "Murray, Mendez, and Sanders..stay close to me when this bird lands." Corporal Booker responded in a sharp and quiet tone; the Private hadn't heard a single word, the anticipation was too real.
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    Strutter's Bay, Outer Colonies
    13:24 Standard Time, 14/7/2550
    Lance Corporal Sasha 'Zap' Jones, 5th Combat Engineers, Fireteam Oscar

    Jones turned her head to look at the TACPAD mounted on Eastley's forearm, her helmet balanced between her knees as she tied her hair into a ponytail. She reached down to flick on the cam on the left-side mount of the helmet, looking at the screen fuzz on Eastley's screen before he shook his head. Jones grimaced and gave the camera a gentle knock with her prosthetic arm, getting an 'okay' gesture from the Staff Sergeant's direction as soon as the image became crystal clear. At least, as crystal clear as it's gonna get. Which isn't saying much. The Lance Corporal pulled on her helmet and clipped the strap below her chin. Gloves came out of her pockets, which she tightened around her flesh-and-bone hand as well as her prosthetic.

    They were attached to 1st Squad, 3rd Platoon (and by transitive reasoning stuffed in the same damned blood tray as Murray, Mendez, and Sanders), as the combat engineers which would hopefully get the 24+ Marines crammed into this tin can where they needed to go and blow up what had to get blow'd up. She released her restraints and grabbed a steady anchor on the rocking behemoth they were flying through the sky in, pulling her pack full of C-12 and thermite sticks out of the overhead compartments and making sure it clamped to her vest with a gentle rock of her back.

    Jones sniffed and sat back down again, not bothering to go through the hassle of clipping together the seat once more. No point doing so, especially since they were less than thirty seconds from landing in hell. Those ODSTs probably were stomped into dust by now--HIGHCOM tended to be slow to react when their units got nailed hard. But, she supposed, they do know when to throw a party. Certainly brought the right engineers. She was brought out of her thoughts by Eastley nudging her organic shoulder and pointing to a Marine trying to crack a joke her way.

    "Hey! Can I charge my phone, Jonesy?"
    He pointed to her arm and chuckled, getting a high five from one of his buddies.

    She let a smile come onto her face and examined the arm, lifting it up to eye level and nodding with a look of satisfaction on her face as she flipped him off.
    "No, but I think this'll do!"

    Eastley knocked her shoulder as she set down her prosthetic and checked her gear one last time, the DMR between her legs rattling against the hull. He yelled into her ear over the whine of the engines and her ear protection.
    "Stick with me! Once we're down there, we gotta be quick before the leathernecks get shredded! Dump everything we got in the top of the packs on the walls and make sure we get through!"

    Jones nodded, giving him a solid punch on the chest plate and looking toward the main landing ramp.
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