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    The Ecumenopolis of Denon, was a financial powerhouse in the Inner Rim, on the intersection of the Great Hydian Way and the Corellian Run, money ran through the planet as easily as sand did on Tattooine. Its location made it both vitally important for both the Mandalorians and the Empire to capture, but neither wanted to take the chance to upset the finically powerful ruling class, the costs of which could seriously hurt the aggressors future plans in the war.

    Money was the reason Olympia was hear, money created power and she wanted both, money and power. Her time away from the limelight that was Imperial politics had caused her to eat into the money both herself and her partner had put aside prior to his death, but now things were running on empty. This is what pulled her to the Inner Rim and this world, to gather financial benefactors to allow her to create her own future and propel both herself and her son up the Imperial ladder.

    Her meeting was at eleven in the Port-of-Nee, one of the finical districts on Denon, a banker she had been introduced to through an associate in the Imperial bureaucracy was willing to meet her to discuss her future plans. She had dressed for the occasion, with a long flowing green dress, exposing her arms to the shoulder and a low cut to apply ample distraction. As always her lightsaber was hidden within the folds of the dress, though she expected no trouble from the banker, one could never be to sure of anyone else who walked the streets of the planet. She sat on a small bench in one of the parks near the great tower the bank was held in. A tree overhang preventing the suns glare to affect her holo-tablet as she once again went through her plans. She hummed quietly to herself as she read, every so often saying the odd word aloud.

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    Zex Vric was in Enon for a simple reason, to earn money, the planet was a golden mine where, if you knew where to look, could make you a little bit richer, the Nautolan wasn't there for any long term bussinesses, however, it was just that working for the GA, while rewarding on its own, didn't give him much money, it made sense, since they were rebels, but still, he had expensive tastes, so having a job or two from.time to time wasn't all that bad.

    In Enon he had came to smuggle a few things, some spice, some loaded dice that were very difficult to tell from normal ones, stuff like that. The Nautolan wasn't one that worked legally, it wasn't his style, he had been raised in the streets of Nar Shaddaa after all.

    However, at the moment he was simply enjoying the place, Denon was a nice planet and the Nautolan liked to explore and enjoy himself. Currently he had bought a small cup of coffee from a nearby kiosk, wearing his favorite suit and sitting down on the same bench Olympia was "Lovely day, isn't it?" Zex said, taking a sip from the cup, the Nautolan liked talking and knowing new people and the young lady seemed like a good person to talk with.

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