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    Outer Rim, Ryloth
    19:34, Evening

    Emerging from Hyperspace before Ryloth sent a wave of emotions through Nujina, she didn't know what she should feel, seeing her homeworld again after a couple of years since her last visit. The last time she had been to Ryloth hadn't been a good visit, she had ended up in a Shootout between two Gangs of Cartel members and had had to crawl out to avoid getting shot. Now, she sat silent in her ship, floating in the endless void that surrounded the world, looking down on the surface. Bringing up the Galactic map she saw that Tatooine wasn't too far away, she could probably make it there with the remaining fuel in her Hyperdrive and refuel there.

    Realizing how stupid of an idea that was she scolded herself and activated the sublight engines, there was a soft pull in her seat as the ship began to move closer to the harsh surface that covered the world. She hadn't wanted to return to Ryloth, but circumstance had brought her here. Being in need of refueling did make most worlds a whole lot more attractive, and at the moment, Ryloth looked a whole lot better than Tatooine. Despite the growing Cartel infestation of Ryloth, they had seemingly had some sense of order unlike the criminal hideout that was Tatooine.

    Approaching the world she began to have second doubts again, though a flashing red light on the display, indicating low fuel supply, made the doubt disappear as she maneuvered the ship down into orbit of the world and then down to the surface. Despite her reluctance to go back to Ryloth, she had kept track of events that surrounded the world and one such event was the rise of a Hutt. While the auto-pilot brought her to the closest docking bay where she could refuel she brought up the name of the Hutt and an image. To her, they all looked the same, however to some, they had obvious differences in their physique that differentiated them.

    Nem'ro, the Hutt, looked just like any other Hutt that she had seen in her life, everyone of them looked like overgrown slugs with tiny arms that seemed to be more a result of some bizarre mutation rather than having a purpose. However, one thing Nujina did know about the Hutts, was that they had spies everywhere. Which meant no talking about the Hutts that could get her in trouble.

    Unbuckling her belt she got out of her seat as the ship settled on the hard surface, grabbing her bag she brought out her Datapad and sat down in the living room for a few minutes to access the unofficial network, putting out her contact details, stating that she was on Ryloth for a few hours and if anyone needed anything shipped off-world, they could contact her, but it'd cost them depending on what she was shipping.

    A couple of minutes later, the boarding ramp raised itself again and she breathed in the air of Ryloth once more. A group of mechanics, mostly Twi'lek, approached her and asked if she needed anything done, she said that all she needed was to refuel. The Twi'lek who had talked to her turned to a masked man and spoke in Huttese before he ran off and came back with a thick hose. They agreed on a price and all she had to do now, was to get something to eat before heading off-world again. Walking out of the Docking bay she found herself at the foot of a Palace, and if she knew one thing about Hutts, they liked Palaces.

    Readjusting the strap of her shoulder slung bag she walked in the opposite direction to a street vendor who sold some meals that could easily be eaten on the move. Picking up a meal she began to walk towards the Palace, might as well check out whose Docking bay she borrowed.

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    Ryloth, it was a name that no more slipped off the tongue than stuck to it. Ryloth was a hot planet, hot and sticky. It clung to you like a child in a supermarket that wasn't yours. Rodgerick hated kids. Rodgerick hated Ryloth. He had to get off this stinking planet if just for one smell free day. Sure the company was great, the money was better, but the day to day ground him down like a fine whet stone and he didn't start out as the sharpest knife in the drawer to begin with.

    Getting out of bed of one of Nem'ro's guest rooms the man made his way to the shower. Looking to the other stalls he found most were filled with passed out patrons, remnants from one of the Hutt's many celebratory parties. Rod had had a few parties, but they were fewer and not as popular. This slug was getting everything he wanted in a few months yet he had centuries to enjoy it, Rodgerick had only a few cheap decades before hitting the dirt and all he got was a lousy title. 'Right hand of Nem'ro', Rod believed that was the hand one wiped with and he didn't even want to think about Hutt poodoo.

    His work on Malastare was stalled, his family last he checked had still disowned him, and the shot he received winning this palace still stung when it rained. Still there were small pleasures on Ryloth and one of those was Gabzakin's little cart. Gabzakin was a quaint Twi'lek with a young body but an old and wise mind. Everyday he showed up outside the palace with his cart and everyday he brought something new all deep fried and ready for post hangover consumption.

    Moving to the main thoroughfare many guards seemed to straighten as the slightly inebriated man stumbled past. Respectability was never one of Rod's strong suits and he wore it like an oversized sweater that itched. Moving at last out of the suffocating castle into the morning damp he noted it was just about to start raining. Gabzakin never stayed for rain and sure enough the Twi'lek was already starting to turn off his sign. Rod needed this meal, it was all that got him out of bed and he was already out of bed so what more was there to life.

    "NO!" he shouted to no avail as he began sprinting toward the rapidly closing cart. Seeing a female Twi'lek far too late the man barreled past her knocking the food out of her hands onto the street as he caught Gabzakin. Offering him double he managed to snag a quick meal and looked down to see the glorious broth and meats awaiting him. Then it began to rain like mad and it all began turning to mush. Rodgerick tried to eat what he could, but the magic was dead and the food was ash in his mouth. Very wet ash.

    Throwing the bowl to the side the man kicked out as he returned to the palace. A Weequay guard asked him what was wrong,

    "Vigo Organa is something amiss?"

    Rodgerick very wisely punched the man into unconsciousness with a single thrust of his trained fist. Cracking his neck he walked past the Twi'lek looking down at her fallen food,

    "Seems we both had bad luck today eh?"