NPC  Most Wanted Azgarn Nekkario

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    Azgarn Nekkario

    A.K.A. The Collector

    Name: Azgarn Nekkario
    Alias: The Collector
    Age: Unknown
    Species: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Height: 180 centimeters approx
    Weight: 70 kilograms approx
    Skin color: Pale
    Eye color: Black
    Hair color N/A
    Known Affiliations: The Cult of Andraste
    Known Associates: Serana Berrotal,
    Last Known Location: Alderaan

    Azgarn Nekkario, also known as The Collector, made an assualt on Alderaan against several people of note. Accompanied by strange beasts it is no wonder that both he and Serana Berrotal are thought to be associated with one another. Technically no official organization has confirmed this to be the case it is heavily believed to the point of certainty they and others are in league. Howver thhe strength that Azgarn displayed was enough to do more than what he displayed and he only decided to make off with a specific item.

    Client Information

    The client is Alderaan Nobility.

    ✦ The client is rewarding credits equivalent for the purchase of two pieces of advanced technology if the target is captured Dead.
    ✦ There is no call for this target to be kept
    Alive so no bonus will be given if he is captured.
    A body is required to prove a kill.

    OOC Information

    This NPC target must be found through a plot due to her elusive nature. Please tag a member of staff in the thread below to DM the target; but be advised, the thread featuring combat with the target will be treated as normal PvP, with all of the applicable rules, and will be death-enabled.