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 Independent Ava Ryden

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    Ava Ryden

    NAME: Ava Ryden [pron. "ey-vah" / "rahy-din"]
    FACTION: Independent
    RANK: Civilian
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 10 years
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 4 ft, 6 in.
    WEIGHT: 70 lbs
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Yes (untrained)

      • Slim build, healthy for her age
      • Porcelain skin, lightly dusted with sunspots
      • Dark chestnut red hair, slightly wavy
      • Blue-gray eyes
    • Ava is a carefree and laidback child, untainted by grownup worries, and is complaisant with her simple way of life. Her parents instilled the notion of fear in her that trouble only comes to those that look for it, and Ava abided by their words of caution, hiding herself at home or sticking beside her mother and father - the only places of security she had, against the dangerous world of gangsters and criminals. While Ava tries to put on an amiable face and act courteous towards everyone, she is careful to mind her surroundings, and often appears reserved and quiet in public. Naturally, she has a strong empathy for animals that exceeds that of people, to her liking.
      • Multilingual: Fluent in Basic. Can communicate in Ryl, taught to her by her mother. Growing up on Tatooine, she’s naturally picked up on a few of its languages - namely Huttese, Rodese, and Jawa Trade language - enough for her to understand and carry some conversation if needed.

      • Force-sensitive: Weak and fairly limited, considering that she lacks knowledge of the Force and the training necessary that would help her explore what she’s capable of. Thus far, her most awakened abilities are those related to beast taming (Animal bond) and other heightened senses (Force listening, Force sense, Force empathy). Ava and her parents have yet to realize that she possesses “something more” beyond luck and natural skill.
    • GEAR: She has her own datapad and comlink, equipped with trackers linked to her parents' devices - in case the items get lost or stolen, or to monitor Ava's whereabouts. When out and about, Ava carries her comlink with her at all times.

      SHIP: None of her own

      DROIDS: None of her own

      PETS: Quite a few in the past: 14 gorgs, 5 kreetles, 2 worrts, a womp rat, an anooba, a sand bat, a Bonegnawer, and an Invisible Lizard. Of course, most of these relationships were short-lived and Ava would tearfully have to release them or give them away, due to her parents’ concern. She’s currently on her fifteenth gorg and only pet, Fizzy.


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    • As a newborn, she was adopted from an orphanage in Mos Espa, by a young couple - Javor and Nelda Ryden - who named her Ava. They raised their only child in as loving and financially stable of an environment as they could. Money was never too tight a concern. Javor and Nelda were honest, hard workers; they avoided looking for trouble; and fortunately never ran into serious hardship. As far as poverty and slavery on Tatooine were concerned, the Rydens were free of that web.

      Ava’s upbringing was modest yet comfortable. She wasn’t a high-maintenance or fussy child, and didn’t mind entertaining herself at home - usually under the watch of a hired droid or neighbor, whenever her parents were away at work. She and her parents moved several times, mainly to keep up with job opportunities, but Ava didn’t mind the changes of scenery. Their latest relocation was to Bestine when she was nine. Here, she attends a public school, and is familiar with most of the city around her house for her to navigate on her own.

      Up to now, she’s never been offworld from Tatooine.

    • Family

      • While Ava is aware of the fact that she's adopted, she has no answers to the identities and whereabouts of her biological parents, or the mystery as to how and why she ended up for adoption in the first place.

      • Her adoptive father, Javor Ryden, works as a police officer in Bestine. Whether by nature or nurture, much of Ava's stoic personality resembles his own. As well as his hue of reddish hair and blue-gray eyes, which he also happens to share with Ava. It's not uncommon for the two, by themselves, to be mistaken for as biological kin.

      • Her adoptive mother, Nelda Ryden, is a Twi'lek-Human hybrid. Though she appears fully Twi'lek, she has natural hair eyebrows, and her lekku are noticebly shorter and thinner than the average Twi'lek. Her father, Tobi Gorvat, is the owner of a mining company on Tatooine. His wealth helped kickstart Nelda’s career as a podracer pilot, which she continues to devote herself to - much to her husband’s distress. Ava loves her mother fondly and admires her accomplishments, but doesn't share the same passion for podracing.

      Javor Ryden​


      Nelda Ryden​
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