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 Independent Aurelie Fleury

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    Aurelie Fleury

    NAME: Aurelie Fleury
    FACTION: Independant
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Female
    HEIGHT: 175 cm.
    WEIGHT: 60 kg.

    Boringly mediocre or stunningly beautiful? It all depended on what the situation called for as slight changes to posture, facial expression, hair, makeup and accessories could be quite impactful. As for the more permanent features, Aurelie had naturally blonde hair with light blue eyes, a fair complexion and a relatively athletic build.

    As any other person, the young woman had bad memories and sombre moments, but for her, humour was always close at hand, often preferring to see the glass as half full, rather than half empty. With a positive outlook on life, Aurelie seldomly stayed down for too long since she felt that moving on to the next opportunity or potentially joyous encounter was way more enticing. Despite caring for those she held close, her empathy towards others, those relatively well off in particular, was quite limited at times. Comfortable with high risks in exchange for high rewards, she could be reckless which had gotten her in trouble several times in the past.

    Mael Fleury was a name that brought feelings of pity and even disgust to people’s minds, at least for those who knew him for long enough to get an idea of who he was. A less than honest merchant, constantly coming up with new schemes on how to get rich, never discouraged by what he was selling, who he was selling it to, nor how much he charged for it. Despite his questionable business practices, Mael rarely managed to make much of a profit, and whenever he did make a profit, it was spent within the month. To make matters worse, he had a daughter, Aurelie, to take care of too.

    Despite the poor living and morally ambiguous actions, Aurelie always liked her father. They traveled across the galaxy together in his freighter, never settling down in one place for too long - forming a strong bond between father and daughter. She loved accompanying him in the cockpit, always wanting to know how the ship worked and about the functions of all the different buttons and levers. Sometimes, he would even let her help him out by pressing a flashing button or pulling the odd lever - resulting in a rather overjoyed Aurelie. Because of the constant traveling, a formal education was out of the question, but she did pick up many practical skills and whatever knowledge Mael could pass down to her. The expeditions took them to many different planets, allowing her to observe and experience different species, biomes and cultures.

    There were less positive sides to growing up with Mael too, however. Despite having the best of intentions for himself and his daughter, the trader’s schemes often resulted in grave deficits. The lack of material wealth didn’t bother the young Aurelie much, but the occasional lack of food was an entirely different matter. Aboard the ship, there was not much she could do to remedy the hunger, but while on the different planets, she could steal. It was nott the most honourable thing she could think of, but her father wasn’t the most moral man to begin with, and in the end, hunger got the better of her. It started out being mere pocket money, enough to provide food for the day, but as time went on, the amounts which she stole grew. Mael was concerned about his daughter’s side activities, but the extra cash flow was sorely needed as he quickly found a way to spend it on paying off debts or purchasing favours and wares.

    Over time, they started doing better as the failed business schemes didn’t have as large of a negative impact and the rare occasions that didn’t end in failure, brought in profits which lasted for longer periods of time. Aurelie’s skills developed too, she was given increased responsibilities in piloting the freighter as she grew older and she helped out whenever the ship needed maintenance or repairs. When things were looking particularly grim on the economical side, she even grew bold enough to move on from simple theft and shoplifting to trying her hand at burglary.

    Sadly, the good times couldn’t last forever. Stolen goods was found on their freighter during an inspection whilst docked on Coruscant. The Imperial law enforcement acted with swift and brutal efficiency, but not against Aurelie - her father took the blame and was sent off to jail and had his possessions seized. The young Aurelie, now in her late teens, was filled with sadness and guilt as she tried to make her way in a new and lonely life. She avoided making the same mistakes which she had made in her past, mostly abiding to the law, and even tried to save up a smaller amount of money for the time when her father would finally be released. Alas, he passed after a year in Imperial prison - the news broke Aurelie. She ceased working and simply drifted around the galaxy until what little savings she had managed to make ran out. And there she was, living hand to mouth, falling back into her old habits.

    With the lack of a formal education, the young woman’s intellectual prowess fell behind. This is, however, not to say that she was daft, for what she lacked in the intellectual fields, she made up for in wit and practical skills. Her physical abilities were not noteworthy in regards to her constitution and strength, but she was quite dexterous and quick.

    Personal combat was not Aurelie’s strong suit as she lacked training in it and had managed to almost completely avoid it as she grew up. She did, however, know how to handle a blaster pistol and had picked up some experience firing one whenever she visited Nar Shaddaa. Never having been fired upon, it was hard to tell how she’d react if it ever happened.

    Her capacities as a thief were more impressive as she was quite proficient in pickpocketing and shoplifting, and had limited experience on how to disable security alarms, opening locked doors and hotwiring speeders. Through the years, she’d also developed a good idea of how to blend in to various crowds, regardless of if it was on the fine streets of Serenno, or the slums of Coruscant’s lower levels, making it much easier for her to escape attention when carrying stolen goods.

    There were many great and wondrous things in the galaxy - but traveling through space was the one which fascinated the young woman the most. Growing up with easy access to the ship’s cockpit and her father’s guidance - she knew how to fly a starship and liked to think of herself as rather skilled at it. Her skills as a mechanic, however, were limited at best, only having aided her father in the ship maintenance during their last few years together.

    The intensive traveling allowed Aurelie to pick up a few words from many different languages, even giving her an extremely limited and rudimentary understanding of some of them. Her most practiced language aside from Basic is the Binary language used by droids.

    DH-7 Blaster Pistol
    Small Knife
    Light armour
    2x K.O. squares
    Zip flamethrower, usually carried by her battle droid.

    H4 Battle Droid earned here. Affectionately called Scrappy.
    Borstal Defence Heavy Cannon earned here, not installed onto to any ship.

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    I will reserve this spot since it seems to be the norm to do so.
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    I like this character. If you ever want to do some crimeish type threads, let me know!
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    Sounds fun! I'd be glad to do threads in the suggested theme! Do you have any ideas or even something less concrete in mind?

    EDIT: Also, I'm glad you like the character!
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