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    August 31st, 2019

    Site Changes & Information · Current Story Updates


    Site Changes & Information

    Staff Changes & Promotions

    @Sreeya has decided to take a significant step back on the site, with her and @Brandon Rhea are swapping roles; she’ll be Staff Consultant while Brandon return as Owner and de facto head admin. This was Sreeya’s decision and, while she’s not leaving the site completely, she’s decided that this is the best decision for her.

    Please join us in thanking Sreeya for all she’s done for many, many years now. She’s been the big boss in charge for years now, and over the last few months has led the site as sole active Owner after Malon left the site. That’s a tremendous lift and she has our gratitude.

    Also several admins (@Nefieslab, @Dread, and @Phoenix) decided they were ready to step down as well. Also that due to inactivity @Arclight has stepped down as an admin, and due to work schedules @Wit has stepped down as a mod. We’re about to enter a transition period with a lot of change, and if the site and the way the staff works is going to be changing, there’s perhaps no better time than to make that decision.

    The commitment everyone has shown up to this point has been incredible and we thank everyone who has chosen to step down for all they’ve done on staff. They deserve to sit back and relax.

    You can expect that the structure of the staff (not the personnel) will continue to change. In the meantime, we are thrilled to announce that @Faster Than Light is the new Community Admin and that @GABA has returned to/been tricked back into the admin team as Plot/PvP Admin in a new combined role.

    Please join in welcoming FTL and GABA to the admin team! And if you haven’t already, please make sure to post in Dread’s thread, Phoenix’s thread, and Nefieslab's thread to thank them for everything they have done for the site

    Timeline Change & Rules Overhaul

    We are canceling the previously-announced time skip, kicking off a review and revamp of the site’s rules and systems to make them more user-friendly, and, by December, launching a brand new timeline in lieu of a time skip.

    Once the decision was made to cancel the time skip for those reasons, we crafted a multi-step plan in order to address the rule issues and ultimately bring us to a timeline change. This plan is meant to be done in collaboration between staff and members alike.

    • Step One. Cancel the time skip and announce this commencement of a site overhaul. Between now and whenever the timeline change is, we encourage you to continue RPing your characters and pursue plots. We will also create site events to help keep activity going. It will be several more months until the timeline change, so you have plenty of time to keep playing your characters.
    • Step Two. Commence a review of site rules and systems. This will be done independently of planning the story for the timeline change. The intention is to build an Operating System, for lack of a better term, that any story can be applied to. We will strive to create a ruleset that can have tweaks and amendments here and there, but should largely be stable for the foreseeable future and support any timelines we have moving forward.
    • Step Three. Collaborate with members and staff to create the story of the next timeline and launch it prior to the release of The Rise of Skywalker. The goal will be to create a timeline that fits into the site’s canon but allows for easier access to storytelling. This means it will be less reliant on new members being Star Wars experts. We’ll also be looking at what made previously successful timelines work well and see if there are themes that we can replicate. Between an accessible and compelling storyline and a less complicated ruleset, anyone should be able to jump in.
    You can read more here.

    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update
    • It has been 508 years after the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    Misc. Updates

    State of the Galactic Alliance

    The Great Galactic War has slown down, with very little fighting being done between the combatants. Not the one for being idle, the Galactic Alliance still aims to expand. Most notably the GA have control over Vrogas Vas, with it's long-abandoned Jedi Temple now theirs again. With them leading a humanitarian mission on Antar IV to gain influence there. In addition Grandmaster Arda on a mission on Devaron to reclaim the planet's ancient temple for the Jedi, instead found all manner of dark side cultists, abominations, and other horrors; thus calling for all able-Jedi to bring balance.

    State of the Sith Empire

    With the loss of an enormous amount of territory over the years since the start of the war and with the current slow-ness as of late, Sith agents have been working to gain the influence of outside minor factions, in order to help bolster the Empire. Two notable outreach missions involve establishing a Mining Guild outpost on Malastare and rediscovering Deucalia for the Empire.

    State of the Mandalorians

    The war fatigue affects all factions, even the Mandalorians are no exception. still gained ground on Taris, Myrkr, and Wayland, places close to the border with the Sith Empire. Still, they have launched missions to curb Hutt gangster influence and put down any dark-side force cultists which could be potential threats.

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