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    It won't be long until I'm dead. Not trying to be melodramatic, but I always felt the best stories start at the most interesting part. Pity the most interesting part of my life is so very close to the end.

    Past is prologue and no one reads that. To give you at least a little bit of context I'll start with a proper introduction. Hello, my name is Astrid and I have a disease so rare they haven't even named it. My parents are very sad and that sucks because it means I have to put on a brave face. I have to put on a lot of faces. My work face when I deal with unruly customers, my walking scowl to make sure punks don't think they can take advantage of me, and the cruelest face I have, the smile.

    Enough about death. This is my biography after all 'bio' meaning life. I have life left even if it's brief. Frankly the knowledge of the ticking clock is kind of freeing. So many people flit abut not knowing the hour of their doom and here I am privy to the coming stardust ill join. A cloud of pure burning eternity. So before that, I plan to do a few things. I even made a list. As I said I don't have a lot of time so rather than waste my time reading out what I plan to do, how about I leave you a copy as I go out to get it done.
    My List

    1. Enjoy something so sweet it hurts
    2. Laugh at a joke so bad I cry
    3. Watch a falling star from space
    4. Watch something be born
    5. Burn something!
    6. Face my greatest fears
    7. Make something beautiful
    8. Wear something worth more than I am!
    9. Do a drug! (I'm gonna die anyway!)
    10. Do all of this with special people (and maybe kiss one :P)
    I've taken like so many personality tests. One personality test asked me how many tests I took and I was honest and it said my personality was 'get help'. That's fair, I think people look into those kind of things for validation rather than actual insight. One is a spoon to feed you gentle words you want to hear and the other is a knife cutting deep and bleeding free. I'm not sure what a fork would be in this scenario and I don't want to find out.

    From all of that I've pretty much discovered a person who died with my diagnosis. As this final chapter of my life finds it ink drying I've stopped asking questions entirely. I laugh loudly, love broadly, and experience the world as it is. I want a heart so open and so full it bursts. Surely that would beat the fate I have in store. So if I were to burn away all the words I sought in all those tests I think I could say in just one the kind of person I am.

    That word is...I think I'll keep it to myself actually. I deserve one thing for myself I think.

    Things to give
    I have too much stuff. I had it rather. I left my room behind and sold what I could. I travel light as I attempt to cross off my meager list. A few credits to my name and a pack containing a bit of this and a bit of that. Pictures of my family, a communicator, a datapad, and no girl leaves home without a stun baton. Don't know how to use it but it is vaguely comforting. Of course my most prized possession is wrapped and tied with twine. Held beneath my cloak and ever close to my heart. My list.



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