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 Asher Windrider

Discussion in 'Character Archives' started by Taz, Aug 15, 2019.

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    NAME: Asher
    ALIAS: Windrider
    FACTION: Independent
    RANK: Jedi Exile
    LEVEL: 1

    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 20
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6'2"
    WEIGHT: 200 lbs.
    FORCE SENSITIVE: Confirmed

    As a youngling he was born to subsistence and kidnapped to serve the likes of other. Only to be saved by those that as a child he would see as fearful or even apathetic. When the going got tough, the tough left and left him. Giving rise to self interest, self indulgence and self preservation. Along with being more then a little pessimistic.

    Asher looks out for himself because soon or later, the galaxy with leave him on the side of the hyperlane. He acts first because the last one to one to belly up usually ends up buying the bar. And looks out makes his own survival first and foremost because no one else will in the verse. The galaxy is how it is, that's just how it is.

    Asher Sadux was a human Force user who become known to the galaxy around the closing years of what would become known as the Fires of Rebellion era. There is little known of his history. Believed to be born on Galtea, to a tiny clan within the Awayi tribe. The largest known tribe and governing body of the planet.

    By his own accord. Asher's village was attack by trandoshan slavers when he was very young. Rather it was sheer luck or the will of the force. The slavers would make their way to Kashyyyk during the Life Day festival. Soon attracting the attention of a Mandalorian war party. Who liberated the slaves, and into the care of fledgling rebel alliance also on the planet.

    While the the care of the rebels he would be visited by a woman, who would later identify herself as a Jedi Padawan and a fellow Galtean. The Padawan fed and chatted with him and in a way tested him, revealing to himself and to her that he was indeed a force sensitive. Soon after, his training as a Jedi would begin.

    Training was slow, often in the shadow of the waring empires. Fear,secrecy, and politics beyond his young comprehension hindered his progression. Asher would not be granted the rank of Padawan until age fourteen. By then dissension among the leaders of the Jedi and the rest of the Alliance would fracture the already tiny order. The fallout of fracture bore the Jedi Covenant and other exiles.

    Loyal to his Masters at the time, Asher would follow. But the Covenant would be short lived. Most of it's followers including Asher's Master scattering across the stars. Abandon and betrayed, the now sixteen year old exile moved about the northern outer rim. Until he found he found himself on Ilum. The Confessor opened the doors of her Temple and ideals to the lost exile.

    According to Asher, "She could sense the turmoil within me, told me she would show me the way. But only I could decide to follow to path." The Sith Priestess would continue Asher's training, opening him to the dark side of the force and invite him to walk her path. Even going so far as to befriend him, even gifting him with the name Windrider. After the famous Sith Master from the Andraste Empire.

    But as the fires between rising and falling empires cool into smoldering uneasy alliances and protectorates. Asher Windrider leaves the shelter of the dark church to follow his own path. One of a nomad, of an Exile.

    Trained as both a Jedi and Sith. Asher is an adept warrior. Well versed in the art of hand to hand combat, as well as with a lightsaber. As part of his 'blend in' training and survival in the Rim worlds, he his also experienced with blaster. As versatile as one might expect from Jedi Knight or Scoundrel.

    When it comes to the Force. Though versed in both the light and dark, he is as much a victim of the laws of the Force as all other sensitives. He has managed to nearly master the most basic and neutral of abilities to manipulate the force. But due to his by open himself to both side of the force, he also locks himself away from the more truly powerful abilities.

    - Rags
    - E-33 Carbine
    - R5 Pistol
    - Lightsaber - Silver/white Blade Color
    - Frag Grenade x2
    - Flash/Bang
    - Datapad
    - NV5 PNS
    - Music Player
    - Zip
    - VT-1100
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    I'm going to assume that is not meant to be literal.

    Anyways, A force user going their own way can be interesting to see play out, just keep in mind our talk on discord you can't use dark and light at the same time.

    But otherwise this profile looks fine. You will have to remove the lightsabers though as independent character can't start off with those (even with a Jedi/Sith background)

    Tag me when these adjustments are made.