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    The Arkanian dragon was a semi-sentient species of flying reptile native to the cold world of Arkania in The Colonies. The dragon was once the dominant predator on Arkania before the native Near-Humans, the Arkanians, obtained the means to hunt them to near extinction. Now, only a small population remains, deep in the mountains.

    Despite the gruesome history of the species, the Arkanian dragon was an important cultural symbol on their homeworld. For instance, the dragon served as the sigil of the House of Adasca, one of the major ruling families on the planet. The dragons also inspired ancient members of the Jedi Order to devise a lightsaber training technique named after the beasts. Some ancient Arkanians were known to have tamed dragons, giving rise to legends of dragon riders who went on to become great warlords.

    Though the Arkanian species grew to be technologically superior, they always lived in fear of the remaining population of Arkanian dragons due to the damage the species could cause with its fiery breath. But, more than that, they feared those who might tame them and rule Arkania again. However, they are forbidden to hunt the remainder to extinction due to Republic anti-hunting laws against semi-sentient species.


    Arkanian dragons are a large, flying reptilian species native to their homeworld's frigid mountain ranges. They are covered in scales that are difficult to penetrate with vibro-weaponry and traditional blaster weapons (though they weren't impenetrable, and could easily be penetrated by lightsabers). They were capable of flying up to 3,000 meters and reaching top speeds of 140 kilometers per hour. They were also capable of spewing jets of fire from their mouths as a defense mechanism.

    Fully mature Arkanian dragons are 230 feet long, 30 feet in diameter, and have a 210 foot wingspan. They have long, serpentine necks and tails; spines adorn their neck, back, and tails; they have anywhere between two to four horns on their heads; and they have mouthes of jagged teeth. They also have four limbs: two massive wings, which can act as front legs, and two back legs.

    Dragons mature rapidly. They are born the size of kittens but reach the size of a small dog after about a standard year. In between two to three standard years, they will reach adolescence and be the size of a small pony; it is only at this point that they can be ridden. They reach full maturity after four to five standard years. Even once fully mature, dragons do not stop growing for as long as they live, which is why venerable Arkanian dragons are feared even by the technologically-superior Arkanians. They have a lifespan of between 200 and 250 standard years, though most die in combat or to rivals before then.


    Fire-breathing: Arkanian dragons are principally known for their ability to spew jets of flames out of their mouth. This ability manifests shortly after birth, allowing them to cook their prey with small puffs of flames. By adolescence, they are able to spew small balls and jets of fire. At full maturity, these jets become devastatingly powerful and deadly. The jets are produced from a "false palate" (similar to those found in crocodiles) in the dragon's throat, which also act to protect backdrafts of fire from burning its throat. In order to breathe fire, the dragon stores hydrogen and methane in specialized sacks within its body. Then, by consuming rock with high concentrations of platinum, these gasses can be ignited, producing powerful (but finite) jets of flames. Dragon-fire grows more potent as a dragon ages: increased size means increased capacity, and therefore the ability to spew more flames, and their flames grow hotter as well. Young dragons can ignite straw. Mature dragons can melt steel and stone with their flames.

    Strengths: Tough scales, somewhat resistant to vibro-weapons and blasters; scales, are, however, completely impervious to fire; flight; fire-breathing

    Weaknesses: Soft underbelly, scales cannot resist lightsabers, finite fuel source for fire-breathing


    Arkanian dragons imprint upon the first creature they lay eyes on after they are born. In the wild, this is usually the female. However, for those seeking to tame them, it can also apply to a handler. After imprinting takes place, dragons are fiercely protective of their "parent." That does not, however, mean that they are in any way easy to raise.

    Dragons are typically extremely temperamental. They jealously and aggressively guard their parent(s), their territory, their mates, and their food. They also suffer from a rebellious streak during their adolescence that makes them difficult to tame without a firm-handed, dedicated tamer.

    It is because of this rebelliousness that, even once bonded to their owner, they can never truly be tamed. They can be trained to act as mounts and follow voice commands. They can even show affection to their rider, nuzzling them as a sign of affection. However, that does not prevent them from becoming dangerous to their rider if they are ever hungry or badly injured.

    In the wild, they are known to ambush their prey and those unlucky enough to infringe on their territory. Their lightning-fast ambush tactics inspired the ancient Jedi to invent a lightsaber technique based off of the tactic. All dragons also have strong minds, making them resistant to Force mind suggestions and beast-taming techniques.


    Arkanian dragons are carnivorous and are notorious for stealing and eating livestock. They also consume rocks with deposits of platinum within them from their mountainous homes as a means of igniting the gases stored in internal sacs in order to produce fire.

    However, Arkanian dragons are notoriously picky and will only eat cooked meat. They will starve to death before eating anything less.


    Arkanian dragons are remarkable creatures. Xenobiologists have noted that they have no fixed sex: those that are born male can become female based on the needs of the breeding population, and vice-versa. They reproduce sexually and lay clutches of between one to three large, scaly eggs. These eggs are generally up to 2 feet, six inches tall, and are hatched when exposed to fire.

    Species notes
    • Yes, I am aware this species is probably overpowered (see "OP"). As a result, it will be BANNED from PvP. It can, however, be used in cPvP, since such role-plays usually consist of cinematic scenes and powers that usually would not fly in regular PvP, so long as both parties consent.
    • To further prevent abuse, I am imposing the following restrictions on Arkanian dragons:
      • Anyone wishing to own one must do a personal plot to obtain one. The specimen must also be obtained as an egg and raised to adulthood. NO obtaining a fully mature specimen, no matter your level or strength in the Force.
        • I would also recommend the staff limit these to one (1) per PC (sorry, Daenerys fans, you can't have three).
      • An NPC profile must be created for player Arkanian dragon pets. This will allow the staff to keep better track of these things.
      • Per the site's NPC rules, an NPC attached to a PC levels with their PC. Therefore:
        1. Level 1 dragons: Infancy
        2. Level 2 dragons: Adolescence
        3. Level 3 dragons: Adulthood
        4. Level 4 dragons: Venerable
    • This species has both a canon and a Legends precedent. Biologically, they were based on the known information on the canon and Legends species, and were filled in with information from dragons as represented in the A Song of Ice and Fire iteration. The BS about platinum and gas sacks (a means of making their powers less magical and more limited) came from a 2004 British mockumentary called The Last Dragon. Finally, their physical appearance was inspired by the dragons that appear in the Game of Thrones television series (which are very similar to the Legends account of Arkanian dragons).


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