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    Site Changes & Information

    Clayton has formally stepped down from his role as a PVP Adminstrator. Clayton has been with us as a Tech Admin then PVP Admin. We wish him the best of luck going forward.

    Update Regarding Character Deaths

    Character Death rules have changed as follows:

    A week after a character dies, they will be unusable in any threads and considered archived. You still cannot start new threads with dead characters, but this applies all threads they were already in before death.

    If a character is in multiple PvPs and dies in one, all their other PvPs are forfeits. NOTE: This doesn't mean the side they're on must forfeit, just their character.

    Feel free to ask any questions in this announcement.

    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update
    • It has been 500 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC)
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    Wins and Losses
    (CPvP NOT included)

    PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

    These characters are now Level 2:

    1. @Brianna Saxon
    2. @Rowan Harlow
    3. @Corrine Solus
    4. @Aurelie Fleury
    5. @Gillian Rel
    These characters are now Level 3:
    1. @Darth Victress
    2. @Milo Vemec Drast
    These characters have ranked up:
    1. @Tyler Ward has ranked up to Rebel Lieutenant!
    2. @Horus Tempest has ranked up to Jedi Knight!
    3. @Milo Vemec Drast has ranked up to Sith Crusader!
    4. @Niish Chichel has ranked up to Sith Crusader!
    5. @Darth Victress has ranked up to Dark Council!
    6. @Radth Kelborn has ranked up to Supercommando!

    If your character was missed please send a PM to @Dread and she'll add it!

    Plot and Events Updates

    • There are currently 285 plots underway.
    • 106 plots have been completed.

    Completed Player Plots

    Assault on Naboo

    The Sith would take Naboo from the Rebels.

    Spice World
    Blew up a tower to cause a riot and shot a pyke out of the sky, taking control of Kessel

    Warehouse 87
    Base was captured successfully

    Setting Down Roots
    Success in establishes bases and also hiring new employees.

    Slugs Have Families Too
    The Sith kidnapped Basuro the Hutt's son, negotiated with the Hutt, then ended up still killing both and seizing his palace. Sith conquest of Klatooine and Delacrix.

    Hammer In The Stars
    For Tagal to own a Gorath Janteel Class Galleon with a small team of freed slaves to fly it as he uses it as home base and a permanent place for his forge.

    One Piece
    Tagal, Skuld and Sitara found the treasure and can now purchase the station and have it prepped for use as a foundry for Tagal and his work for Blackwell Independent Technologies.

    Big gun, big fun!
    Successfully Conducted multiple financial gain mission to aquire 3 Borstal Defense Heavy Cannons.

    Assault on Al'doleem
    The Sith were unable to capture Al'doleem, but the Rebels abandoned the base, taking the system to neutral.

    How Friendships Form
    Get to Coruscant and make peace with a giant army floating overhead, either with words or by deploying giant army.

    Trade Blocks

    Galactic politics took over before could be completed

    Moff Money, Moff Problems
    Milo poisoned the Governor of Cantonica and brought it back into the Empire.

    Hail to the King
    Zeven collected the crown and presented it to the Sith Emperor - because he is Extra AF - and was promoted to Sith Lord.

    Via la Liberaté!
    The Galactic Alliance was successful in securing these targeted worlds. Adding them into the fold.

    Through the Fire and the Flames
    Plot failed as too much time went by after I took a break and the galaxy moved on.

    Faux News
    Failed plot, left for a while and the galaxy moved on without me, so I'm submitting what was done so that at least some credits can come of this.

    Agents for Shield
    The Rebels secure the means to construct the generator. (However, OOCly the Tatooine base has been evacuated for sometime. If it allowed then I would request the GA would be allowed to use the parts to install the shield generator for the Holy City of Jedha. Should that not be allowed we’ve have to declare this plot a failure.)

    The benefits of secession
    Success. Conducted an opportunistic raid and stole the shield and quad cannon from a shipment above Exoleen.

    My Base
    Cardinal and others steal 100 5U-Infantry Droids and use them to assist in taking over a base.

    Oh my Axxila
    Diplomatically, the Sith were able to solidify support from officials however the Goliath Space station did not fall as intended due to interference of Mandalorian and Rebel opposition who managed to defeat Sith Operatives in PvP. Hence, I believe this is a partial victory, while Axxila is not yet annexed, there is enough political support for the Empire to launch a second campaign in the future to secure it as a vassal state.

    Bridging the Divide
    Brought Formos, Kubindi and Akrit'tar into the Empire.

    PL 10
    Tagal developed PL 10 Compound, PL 10 Grenades and the PL 10 Chemical Sprayer for sale and distribution by Blackwell Independent Technologies.

    Count(ess) On Me
    The Countess swore her allegiance to the Sith Emperor directly, Serenno rejoined the Empire.

    It's A Freeze-Out
    To obtain the advanced armor function Gauntlet Bulwark Shield

    The Bigger The Gun...
    EPIC FAIL Hask was an idiot, charged into a fight unprepared, lost and got his ego bruised properly

    Rescue of Hoth
    To bring a Sith fleet to Hoth to attempt to rescue the invasion force and capitalize by routing the GA members.

    Assault on Hoth
    The Empire bombed the rebel base on Hoth and took the world, then retreated from Bespin.

    Saints and Sennas
    Captured Senna in a comatose state, Drace was also knocked out.

    Important IC News

    State of the Galactic Alliance

    The Rebel movement was strong in the beginning after the Jedi revealed themselves to the galaxy, but has slowed down dramatically in recent times. Many thanks to higher ups in Alliance leadership who left or mysteriously went AWOL, leaving everyone else in the GA to pick up the burden.

    The alliance between the Mandalorians and the GA was called off, but the two-sides remain neutral towards each other.

    But there are still some rebels leading charges; one such effort is being lead to grab shield generators for the Rebels, in order to better protect their assets from orbital bombardment. This was triggered after Hoth reminded everyone that the Empire can bombarded almost anything from orbit with the might of the Imperial Starfleet.

    Another rebel effort is seeking to establish control of Fondor, taking advantage of the Empire's losing a good swath of it's territory to no-confidence of the previous regimes.

    State of the Sith Empire

    Ever since the demise of Darth Vrael, Varyn Rask took the reins and didn't waste any time getting himself put to work either. He personally showed up to Hoth to remind everyone how powerful the Imperial Starfleet is, laying waste to the surface of Hoth and the GA base after things on the ground turned dicey for the Empire.

    It isn't just the Emperor that's seeking to end the Empire's complacency either, as other enterprising Sith and Imperials are stepping up; such as an Imperial effort to establish a colony on Bastion, which should prove to be a good staging point for operations in the Outer Rim. Another set of missions aims to establish take over of the planet Gammorr, for it's trade route and resources.

    Unfortunately though, due to going through so many Emperors in a short amount of time, a lot of systems have lost confidence in the ability of the Sith Empire to protect and have ceded, leaving Rask with the task of reclaim what was lost. The Sith have already made good headway towards that however as they re-established control of Serenno, the Corporate Sector and are attempting to re-establish control of Lothal.

    The Empire has been making other gains, and there is no doubt that with Emperor Rask progress will continue to be made. Although things are to a good start and offenses have been made against the Rebels, the Mandalorians still need to answer for their crimes, namely the deaths of millions at Courscant, assassination of Vrael and others.

    State of the Mandalorians

    The Mandalorians continue to fight the Sith Empire, defeating and killing it's agents even as the two halves have become one. Even as the Empire reunited, the Mandalorians saw to it that Darth Vrael didn't live to enjoy it for long as Raz and Leandros assassinated him with a previously hidden bomb.

    As of now, Dax Vizsla is leading an effort to take Kashyyyk for the Mandalorians, picking up from where the failed joint GA-Mandalorian attempt to sweep the planet failed. A different Dax, Dax Rau has also took Kessel and strategic resources under it's control for the Mandalorians.

    Even with that, it seems that in the greater scheme of things the Mandalorians have been cooling off. Although the Mandalorians now have control over a a lot of planets in between the two Empire and in the former Imperial Republica, it seems that the Mandalorian war machine is resting, perhaps gathering energy for a hard push into Sith territory...

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