April 2019 Newsletter (April Fools Version)

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    Site Changes & Information

    Disclaimer: This newsletter is a jokey April Fools version! Check out the 50 Year Timeskip FAQ thread to learn more.

    The staff have discovered that @Phoenix is actually 13 years old. Unfortunately, we had to let him go from the staff team. Please everyone thank him for his work. However, lying about your age on SWRP is inappropriate. To learn about how we uncovered the truth, please refer to the march newsletter.

    @GABA has returned to the staff (proving she can never truly escape SWRP) as a PVP Mod! She will be joining @Phoenix and @Loco in helping out with reports and managing disputes. GABA has been a part of SWRP staff before and has played very critical roles. We’re very excited to have her rejoin the team! I’m hoping to see a rise in rocks fall rulings once more.

    Welcome back GABA!


    Current Story Updates

    General Time Update
    • It has been 550 years since the Battle of Coruscant (ABC) (As per March newsletter we had a 50 year timeskip)
    Please be aware that in general time is fluid on SWRP.

    PVP Updates

    Wins and Losses

    (CPvP NOT included)
    The mandalorians killed a lot of people. idk what the point of this section is anymore tbh,
    But none the less.

    1. @Kalistra Ovlarian was executed by @Rayne Kelborn on Nar Shaddaa
      @Drace Solus @Burkhart Kelborn and @Dax Rau killed @Azog Vang, @Artarion Sekt, and @CrVoss while they just stood there and died.
    2. @Devrim Wolfe and @H5PAD repelled @Qsan Torobah @Sythe and @Markus Valentine on Al'doleem and the latter two paid for it with their lives.
    3. @Burkhart, @Brianna Saxon, and @Karen Haras made a foolish attack on Korriban temple. The former two somehow got lost on Bakura after an early hyperspace attempt. Meanwhile Karen uselessly ran her starfighter into the temple, killing her instantly.
    4. @Sabrina K, @Tasha Blackwell, and @Shizuo Aramusha defeated @Shikari and @Argo Swan on board the Spearhead and complete their mission successfully.
    5. @Drace @Percy, and @Arturo Solus completed their mission on Hapes after defeating @Niish Chichel @Luka Ragnos and @XT03 after some Imperial Republica forces (NPC) intervened. XT was captured and Luka Ragnos died when a grenade exploded in his own hand.
    6. @Arianna Marris, @Niish Chichel, and @Harren Skaalvarg defeated @Wes Thul Drast and @Zarya on Datar, forcing the Republica Sith back, although at the cost of Harren getting killed in the process.
    7. @Hozan was killed by @Pho Gorcru and @Devrim Wolfe in battle after Hozan's partner @Harrison Fletch failed to do anything useful in the battle.
    8. @Burkhart Kelborn @Reyna Solus, @Radth Kelborn and @Rayne Kelborn fought to a stalemate against @Qsan Torobah @Sabrina K @Hask Jen although @Magnus Hammerhand was captured by Hutt forces.
    9. @Brianna Saxon and @Rayne Kelborn killed @Gaz Fallwen and @XT96 in a dogfight.
    10. @Max Veers met his end via blaster bolts at the hands of @Burkhart Kelborn and @Drace Solus after Max tried to steal their ship.
    11. @Raz Solus and @Leandros Solus blew up @Darth Vrael and @Nymeria with a hidden bomb planted prior by the Mandalorians before the Sith knew it.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you did not report your kill, capture or knockout in the Newsletter Submissions thread it may be missing from this months newsletter.

    These characters are now Level 2:

    1. @Corrine Solus
    2. @Evelyn Fest
    3. @Kae'Leigh Tameris
    4. @Asha
    5. @Freyja Storm
    6. @Milo Vemec Drast
    7. @Tasha Blackwell
    8. @Hugo Ion
    9. @Rayne Kelborn
    10. @Horus Tempest
    11. @Arturo Solus
    12. @Toland Vult
    These characters are now Level 3:
    1. @Eisa Swan
    2. @Ayasha Waya
    3. @Diocletian Solus
    4. @Raz Solus
    These characters have ranked up:
    1. @Asha ranked up to Jedi Knight
    2. @Alysanne Drast ranked up to Jedi Knight
    3. @Arda Breaux ranked up to Jedi Knight
    4. @Nikka Toren ranked up to Jedi Knight
    5. @Kae'Leigh Tameris ranked up to Jedi Knight
    6. @Shikari ranked up to Sith Crusader
    7. @Zeven Visz ranked up to Sith Crusader
    8. @Tasha Blackwell ranked up to Sith Crusader
    9. @Talo Geist ranked up to Imperial Director
    10. @Saorise Kallig ranked up to Sith Lord
    11. @Arianna Marris ranked up to Sith Lord
    12. @Cuyan Ordo ranked up to Supercommando
    13. @Arturo Solus ranked up to Supercommando
    14. @Drace Solus ranked up to Supercommando
    15. @Dax Rau ranked up to Supercommando
    16. @Rayne Kelborn ranked up to Supercommando
    17. @Galaar Rau ranked up to Supercommando
    18. @Brianna Saxon ranked up to Supercommando

    Plot and Events Updates

    • There are currently 285 plots underway.
    • 80 plots have been completed.

    Completed Player Plots

    Nabbing Taanab
    The Mandalorians, using a select team of opperators make it an easy arrival for the greater Mandalorian force which now governs Tanaab.

    More effort than worth
    Rob a freighter and a bank to pay for a Night-Sweeper class Star Yacht

    Triple X Rated
    Koil and Drace go to Nixor, trick some smugglers in an arms deal, steal a XXX sublight booster from pirates, and elude local thugs trying to steal Koil's ship. By the end the two mandalorians manage to fend off the pirates still mad about the earlier theft.

    The First Blade
    Despite having formed something of a bond with the Jedi, Zeven used her to find the blade and defeated her in battle to claim it as his own.

    Hellfire on Hapes
    Multiple efforts to take over the planet Hapes

    Nefarious Criminals
    Stole a Nefarious-Class Frigate

    The Road to Ruusan
    Expand Mandalorian control to Ruusan and the P10 square of the galactic map.

    Seeds in the Crescent
    Koil, with assistance, facilitates all the odds and ends of creating the Crescent 3 base securing supplies, ships, labor and funds. They now have a club house on the third moon of Concord Dawn.

    Spicing up the Lusty Lekku
    Got a spice mine colony for cait on kessel

    Long Live The Emperor
    Emperor got ded

    No Weapons Allowed

    Milo and Nor'baal intercept two smugglers as they exchange a suitcase of violators. The slug and Sith steal the suitcase, then visit a weaponsmith to remove the serial numbers and trackers on the guns.

    Sacellum of Ilum
    The Imperial Republic takes over the system of Ilum which allows Eriana to begin building her church.

    Gambling and Spice
    Gained permission for The Exchange to operate in Sith space from the Emperor and opened a Stim Factory/Spice Lab/Base on Dromund Kaas

    Waxa On, Waxa Off
    Hask and Rayne break into Czerka Corp and steal a Waxa Class Scout Ship, after minimal carnage and a little air combat

    Bastard's Boost
    The Sol'yc Mer'sheb gets an upgraded hyperdrive and military grade power core thanks to the collective efforts of the Mandalorian warriors

    Missing Jewels
    The Lusty Lekku was defended and prisoners were rescued. Gil picked up a Quickfire pistol from someone they killed on the way out.

    Long Live the Kwenn
    The Mandalorians managed to lock down the space station's docking area, but were not successful in taking control of it. On Ubirikkia, they successfully destroyed its biggest factory, destabilizing the planet and the sector it fueled and taking over.

    Important IC News

    State of the Mandalorians

    The mandalorian's have accomplished much in a short amount of time.

    Drace, Arturo, and Percy Solus were met with resistance when trying to infiltrate a prison on Hapes and free some political prisoners. The three of them shut down Sith battle droid XT03, then Drace took out Luka Ragnos and two Imperial Acolytes that were attacking the Pureblood. Niish Chichel was able to successfully flee the battle, and Burkhart Kelborn swooped in to lead a successful getaway after Arturo grabbed the prisoners. Some guards were killed by both sides.

    Yet even more shocking to the galaxy, Cuyan Ordo, Dax Rau, and Drace Solus blew up the Imperial Palace on Coruscant using a baradium bomb. This shook the Imperial Republica more than even the death of their last emperor. Though it ultimately aided in reuniting the two split empires.

    Raz Solus, also known as Mand'alor the Chosen, lead a secret plot to assassinate Darth Vrael and was successful. The Sith Emperor was blown to ashes as the mandalorian's watched on.

    The mandalorian's have set the galaxy on fire, can no one stop them?

    State of Every Other Faction

    The rest of the factions didn't do much this month. Like, I'm only saying maybe they should've done something but what do I know, right?

    So like, I think one of them got a planet. Then there was a meeting that was probably important but no one showed up for it. Lots of people from the other factions died too. Oh, by the way the two Sith empire's united but it wasn't all because of the Sith.

    Also, this is the only appropriate picture I could find that summed up the state of every other faction.

    I'm having issues filling space here.

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    You all know @GABA is still thirteen....and yet you do nothing. Disgusting.

    I'm going to the other SWRP.
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    Phoenix should have been banned back when tagging was introduced, and he still had that untaggable name Phœnix.

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    Wait. We can't be thirteen? I was thirteen once! -runs and hides-
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    Crap! I've been found out!
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    for some reason i can't find the march newsletter....just curious
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    So we're down two admins and yet another Emperor. Heeeeeeck
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    *comes to thread to find out what on earth has been going on with the Empire(s) to try to catch up*

    *Goes away sad*
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