An interesting concept on emotion.

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    My character Alek Varsan has been through a lot, becoming a Jedi knight sworn to protect the people of the galaxy, being taken and brainwashed to be led down the dark path of the sith. Survived many struggles and tasks that made him who he is today. Pain, suffering, kindness, caring, dark, and light. He sees things in a new perspective as he had mad enemy’s and friends on his journy but he has yet to face a task like this would be about......”Love” he does know how to care, wether it be for his friends or those he trusts enough to call family to an extent. But he has been through enough in his 22-23 years of his life to question the Jedi orders outlook on a deep emotion such as this. But I wish to make this a more difficult task for him as who he falls for, such as maybe a character of a rival faction, not to say it’s limited to this. But I want to see what he would do and how it would play out if someone caught his interest as he has in a way removed himself from the orders sight for a little as he figures out further what this truly means to him. Just an idea but one I feel could be very interesting. Anyway thanks for the time who ever reads this and here’s a link to Alek.
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