Artifact Amulet of Seeming

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    Amulet of Seeming

    The Amulet of Seeming is an ancient Sith artifact created during the times of the great schism by a powerful Jedi Exile. The legends in regards to the amulet say that is able to turn someone into anyone else, though the ability came with a high price.

    In reality, the amulet harnesses the powers of the Living Force. By manipulating the Living Force to flow past and around them, it grants the wearer the ability to cloud their intentions and alter the perceptions of others. This would allow wearers to fit in seamlessly in pretty much any place they would require.

    While wearing the amulet, the wearer can assume the appearance of a human or near-human species. This does not grant the wearer the ability to say, fly, if the species can do so or give them natural abilities of the species - like a Firrerreo's healing ability. The altered perception is cosmetic only.

    The more powerful ability of the amulet, though, is that allows the wearer to completely cloud their intentions. This allows the wearer to project the sense of themselves that they wish to be perceived. For instance, it would allow the wearer to hide the taint of the darkside to even a Jedi master.

    To fully utilize the powers of the amulet, one must perform a ritual where they voluntarily spill their own blood onto the kyber crystal located in the center of the stone. Doing this binds the amulet to them and won't allow another to use it unless the current wearer is killed.

    This bond is a double edged sword, however. Each time the amulet's abilities are utilized, the wearer's blood will burn inside of their veins and cause considerable, agonizing pain. This pain will last around five (5) minutes and is relatively incapacitating. This means that arbitrarily changing appearances with the amulet is not something that is viable.

    The intent of this artifact is to give a Sith/darkside user the ability to fully hide their devotion to the darkside and allow them to blend in to any surroundings they require. For instance, it would allow a Sith to subtlety infiltrate the Jedi without being found out instantly because of the taint of the darkside. It could also be useful to a burgeoning assassin who doesn't want to do their job using their natural appearance.

    To acquire this artifact will require a plot of at least 3 threads.
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