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    Alliance Faction Rewards

    While the Galactic Alliance's rebellion against the Sith Empires does not have the funding nor the vast resources either Empire wields, it will recognize members for merit. As such ,the coalition is willing to reward such service by means deemed appropriate. Also given increased responsibilities means a high-standard will be imposed upon anyone given any amount of leadership.

    (Note: Some of the items here cannot be obtained outside of this system or by taking them from a member who already has them.)

    Basic Rewards

    • After three (3) successful completed missions or one (1) PvP win, members of the Alliance may claim:

      A single advanced piece of tech or armor function.


      The Medal of Initiation.​

    • After five (5) successful completed missions or two (2) PvP wins, members of the Alliance may claim:

      A single advanced ship* + 10 Alliance NPCs.


      A piece of advanced tech or armor function.​

    • After eight (8) successful completed missions or three (3) PvP wins, members of the Alliance may claim:

      A single advanced ship upgrade + 20 additional Alliance NPCs.


      A piece of advanced tech or armor function + 10 Alliance NPCs.​

    • After ten (10) successful completed missions or four (4) PvP wins, members of the Alliance may claim:

      The Medal of Honorable Service.


      Two (2) advanced ship upgrades + 30 additional Alliance NPCs


      Two (2) advanced pieces of tech + 30 additional Alliance NPCs

    • Every three (3) completed missions or one (1) PvP win after this last bracket, members of the Alliance may claim:

      A single advanced ship upgrade + 50 Alliance NPCs.


      A piece of advanced tech or armor function + 50 Alliance NPCs.​

    *If you select a ship, it cannot be a capital class ship, nor can it be a ship that would not be available for purchase for Alliance. For example, faction-specific ships to the Mandalorians or the Sith would be disallowed.

    Special Rewards

    • Alliance Combat Bracer: The Alliance Combat Bracer was designed to give their most experienced and loyal troops more versatility on the battlefield. Can be earned once per character. Obtaining one consumes one (1) armor function in exchange for granting two (2) armor functions. They can only be earned once per soldier and are a sign of leadership and loyalty to the Rebel Cause (Given to Soldiers who have created and led three (3) successful mission packs for the Rebellion that resulted in the gaining of territory or some kind of asset)

    • Call Sign: Alliance call signs are unique names (i.e., Red Leader, Red One, Red Two) used in communications, most commonly during space missions, to identify special members of the Alliance—particularly pilots, however, call signs may be used in part of a rebel cell to mask identities. The Alliance Commander, Jedi Masters, Rebel Commanders, Squadron creators, and Rebel Captains all are able to automatically use a "Leader" call sign. Other rebels can show their relation to these leaders by claiming a call sign and joining their squadron or cell. (Create a PC starfighter squadron of at least 5 members OR establish a rebel cell safe house on an Imperial world.)

    • Capital-Class Ships: Alliance members who have earned rank beyond Rebel or Padawan have proven themselves leaders in the Galactic Alliance by leading rebel missions that benefit the whole of the faction. In order to continue efforts, these members may be granted command of a capital class ship**. (Given to officers and Jedi who have created and led (3) successful mission packs for the Rebellion that resulted in the gaining of territory or some kind of asset. These missions must be created and completed after moving past the Rebel rank.)

    • The War Hero: Recognized for their dedication to achieving a greater good to the galaxy, Alliance members who have earned the rank Captain/Commander, Jedi Knight, or Jedi Master and completed twenty (20) missions or eight (8) PvP wins, may claim the Medal of Rebel Glory, be granted command over a small fleet of Alliance warships for official Alliance business only,** and the option of taking on the rank of "Rebel Admiral/General".

    **This ship still belongs to the entire faction; your character only has the command of it in battle or on missions.

    Jedi Rewards

    • Knight Title: Jedi Knights who have completed five missions following their promotion to Knight may pick one of the following specialized titles. Specialized Knights have demonstrated their expertise in their abilities and are sought by others for their knowledge and competence. Having a specialize title does not limit a Jedi to that area, but only serves as an opportunity to utilize their strengths. Specialized Knights may also get first pick on missions that pertain to their field of expertise.

      • Jedi Ambassador: These Jedi hold skills in diplomacy, compromise, negotiation, and speech. They are able to read individuals and know when to push their line in order to come to an agreement. Jedi Ambassadors will often serve as liaisons for the Galactic Alliance at the Alliance Commander's discretion in order to engage talks, treaties, or alliances.
      • Jedi Healer: Once renowned by the galaxy several centuries ago for their skills, Jedi Healers are able to return health, mend bones, stop bleeding in those who are in dire crisis. Now the art has enlightened some in the Order to embrace their talent and serve those not only in the Alliance but across the galaxy. Their undiscriminating nature is respected by many.
      • Lore Keeper: These Jedi trek through the harshest and most isolated places in the galaxy if it means to locate lost Jedi artifacts. The Order's history and knowledge is limited from centuries of repression and members dedicated to finding these lost artifacts are critical for the preservation and survival of the Jedi. Lore Keepers may also replicate the knowledge from holocrons and texts in order to preserve copies if the originals are ever destroyed.
      • Jedi Ace: Committed to the art of space combat, navigation, and flying, Jedi Aces are some of the best pilots in the galaxy. Combining their Force abilties with their natural aptitude for piloting, Jedi Aces are able to to turn the tides of space combat if given the opportunity. Their knowledge and skills are often seen as a standard of excellence within the Alliance's squadrons.
      • Jedi Artisan: Some Jedi paths take a more peculiar journey and individuals involved in artistry may use their Force abilities to create masterpieces to share within and outside the Jedi Order. Not limited to just one art, many artisans are known for the creations of lightsaber hilts and holocrons, bringing a beauty to otherwise banal pieces.
      • Jedi Watchman: The path of the Jedi can take a more subtle one, blending in with the local populations in order to provide balance either by direct confrontation or aiding in the guidance of a peaceful resolution. Watchmen also assist with Alliance activity in Empire influenced worlds, often leading the fight against the Sith through interworkings of rebel cells.

    • Memory Crystal: After completing 10 (ten) or more successful missions following their promotion to Knight, Jedi may obtain a memory crystal that can be used in building a holocron. The crystal is needed in order to hold the information, but the Jedi is responsible for creating the device through relevant plot threads.

    Please note: This section may receive updates at any time from Rebel leadership as they deem it necessary or create specialized tech.

    If you qualify for a reward, please post below with the following format:

    [B]Character Name/Link:[/B]
    [B]Threads Completed:[/B]
    [B]Requested Reward:[/B]

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    I think @Dread can help you with the two medals and title change to Jedi Ace.
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    Doing a bit of a job lot & house keeping

    Character Name/Link:
    Eisa Swan

    Threads Completed:

    Swooping Fantastic
    I Need A Doctor!
    Lights Out For The Eclipse
    Boot Out
    The Collector (Not 100% Sure if it counts as a PvE, but listed it for upping the rebel cause / favor )

    Requested Reward:

    Think this puts Eisa up to 20+ completed missions? could she be awarded the Medal of Rebel Glory ? Also think with her completing more than 10 missions since being knighted, could she be awarded the Title of Jedi Ace, and one of those funky memory crystals?

    Tech Wise could i request the Burst Thruster Ship upgrade?
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    I'll have to figure out medals xD
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