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    A transmitted notice by Alliance Command to all rebel cells within its authority.

    Rebellions are built on hope but they endure through vigilance. The Alliance is in its most desperate hour. The slaughter at Dantioone cost us dearly. Some would ask how did this happen? The truth is simple because we screwed up by being careless. Such behavior following a disasterous operation led the Empire to our former headquarters and nearly destroyed the Galactic Alliance in its infancy.

    We can’t afford committing similar folly again. From this moment forward our rebel cells and all its members will be bound by this new guide that has been drawn up for our security.

    Article 1) All rebel cells are required to write a full report for every mission they have conducted and their aftermath. In order to be transmitted to Alliance command for record and review. All missions against Sith and Imperial forces must be authorized by Alliance command.

    Article 2) Whether an operation is successful or fails all members involved are instructed to avoid fleeing directly to any main rebel facilities. Make every effort to ensure you are not followed.

    Article 3) In additional rebel operatives are not to make any mentions or references whatsoever of the worlds our bases happen to be on to unauthorized personal. This included to citizens and would-be defectors until they can be fully trusted. While your cells have only limited knowledge of our inner workings you are still not allowed to give any known intel out without approval.

    Article 4) If you can’t avoid encounters with Sith or Imperials make every effort to avoid giving away key information until you finally get away. Though if you believe the hostile can be convinced to defect inform Command so an operation can be planned and reviewed.

    Article 5) Furthermore you are to report any such encounter quickly and be questioned by our Internal Division for further details. They are expected to be given full cooperation and have complete authority to perform their investigations.

    Article 6) Fraternization with the enemy with the intention of committing treason is strictly prohibited.

    Article 7) The consequences of such action when found out will be judged by the Internal Division in review with Alliance Command.

    Article 8) Would-be defectors will be tested in various ways until their sincerity to the Rebellion is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

    Article 9) All rebel personal from cell leaders to the new recruits must be made aware of these articles and follow their directive to the fullest extent. No exceptions are allowed.

    Article 10) Any rebel is not to deliberately commit these specific crimes such as bombing schools or civilian hospitals. Also using innocent citizens as flesh shields in a firefight counts as well. We maybe terrorists in the eyes of our enemies but we will not give the bastards the satisfaction of proving them right to the rest of the galaxy.

    Article 11) If suspected of committing such hideous acts members will be questioned on the matter. These crimes are treason to the Galactic Alliance’s values. On the event of conviction they will be punished according to Alliance Command’s judgment.

    Article 12) Should treason be intentionally committed and proven the guilty party will be marked and face the full wrath of the Galactic Alliance! We will not spare any expanse until any and all traitors are hunted down and dealt with as deemed appropriate.

    (OOC: This Alliance Code of Conduct will be updated or modified when it is deemed necessary. Feel free to ask questions down below.)
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