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    NAME: Alex Smyth
    FACTION: Old Empire
    RANK: Sith Acolytes
    SPECIES: Human
    AGE: 24
    GENDER: Male
    HEIGHT: 6 foot 3 inches
    WEIGHT: 225 lbs


    Alex is an imposing man, though young, he is tall for his age, and boasts a decent amount if muscle mass as well. His eyes are a thick yellow, which clashes with his red hair, but these features are rarely seen as he keeps his hair cut short and almost always wears a mask.

    Alex is overtly violent, not always a good thing, but something that made him fit in amongst the Sith. His raw strength does not outmatch any of his peers, but he holds a solid average ability, placing him above the average person but not near the top of the Sith family.

    Alex's short temper and love of violence typically places him without friends in most places, and considerably lowers his overall charismatic appeal, though he often makes up for this by simply killing those who don't like him, or disagree.

    Alex has a hardened personality, quick to anger and even faster to draw his weapons, even if the situation doesn't call for it. This part of his temperament is somewhat absent when he is face to face with Sith authority or other force users that are measurably more powerful than him. However if placed in the same room as a non force sensitive who angers him, even slightly, he is likely to draw his sabers and remove the person from the material world..

    Born in the cargo hold of a transport freighter, and then left there in a box, Alex never knew his real parents, and was raised by the crew of the freighter until he was seven, when pirates attacked the ship, killed the crew and stole the cargo, he'd survived by remaining undetected in cabinet.

    For three months Alex lived on the ship, alone, and adrift in the vastness of open space, nothing but the rotting bodies to keep him company, and what food he could eat from the cabinets. Alex was on the verge of dying from starvation, as he couldn't prepare any of the food that required preparing, when the ship was set upon by salvagers, who found the boy. The salvagers, dropped him at an orphanage on Nar Shadda, where he would spend the rest of his childhood.

    Alex began showing violent signs by the age of eleven, when he first pummeled a boy and stole a few credits from him. This violence and angst would only grow as he did, and eventually he began killing animals, torturing them first sometimes.

    His violence would turn to pure uncontrollable rage by his late teens, when he would also first discover his connection to the force during a violent attack on another boy at the orphanage. Naturally, Alex was located by the Sith around age twenty and brought in under an equally violent master, who taught him to harness his rage, and use it to power his connection to the force.

    After four years, Alex had attained the range of Acolyte, and was ready to inflict pain and misery on the Galaxy at large.

    Force Abilities:
    Acrobatics: XXXXXXXXXX
    Telekinesis: XXXXXXXXXX
    Healing: XXXXXXXXXX
    Force Sense: XXXXXXXXXX
    Mind Trick/Manupulation: XXXXXXXXXX
    Force Stealth/Aura: XXXXXXXXXX
    Elemental Manupulation: XXXXXXXXXX
    Lightsaber Combat: XXXXXXXXXX

    1X Crimsion bladed lightsaber
    1X Orange bladed Lightsaber
    1X DH-7 Blaster Pistol
    2X Spare Magazines
    1X Imperial Sovereign Protector Armor (Black)


    1X Vector-class Shuttle

    1X Drake M1 - Mining & Salvaging Drone.
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    Being tall for his age doesn't really work for a 24 year old, he's done growing, so he's just tall. :P

    Please explicitly specify next to the armor that functions will not be used.
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    He's dead. I already applied for an archive. But also, no functions were used as he's a force user.