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    Advanced Kinetics, Inc.

    Security droid

    Small, claw-like legs
    Power Supply:
    96-hour rechargeable power cell

    1x Photoreceptor
    1x Audio Pickup
    1x Heat Sensor
    1x Motion Sensor

    1.4 meters

    Durasteel, with titanium plating in stone places

    Tools and Equipment:
    • 1x Integrated comlink
    • 1x Computer interface
    • 1x Audio speaker
    • 6x Stun blasters
    • Overall medium armor

    Advanced Kinetics, a droid manufacturing company that is on its last legs, created the AK-46 security droid to be a cheaper, mediocre security droid whose strength was in numbers. It looks vaguely conical, with small, claw-like legs at the bottom that it moves around on. It has average armor, made of durasteel with titanium plating on the upper cone that protects the vital systems. On the top, it has red sensors that can sense heat, sound, and motion.

    The AK-46 is not very intelligent, as it is mostly meant to notify humans of intruders. It does not have a personality to speak of, and can only do exactly what it is told. It is programmed with a patrol route, then patrols that for the time provided, before docking in to recharge until the next time it is needed. It will not stray from its path unless it senses something irregular with its sensors. If it does, it will go to the irregularity, play a pre-recorded message, then unsheath and shoot its stun blasters until the irregularity is paralyzed. (The blasters are very small and have a similarly small range, only 5 meters. But as it is meant to be used inside buildings, it often does not any more.) It then notifies the central computer that someone is here, and stays with the intruder until help arrives.

    The AK-46 can be fooled very easily with false motion or heat. But look out! If there's one, there's probably many more patrolling around. If someone does get in a firefight with it, it is possible to shoot in between the blasters and the body to disable it, but it takes very good aim, and it has probably already notified someone.

    Describe your device in good detail here. What is its function? What can it do? What can't it do? Who makes it? Put in as much as you can. You can only use features you've written down, so include everything you intend to use.

    The droid is legal, but usually only used by private companies.

    This is a quite inferior reskin of the RC3 DepuDroid, meant to be a minion type security droid that is not too smart and can be encountered in numbers.

    YES. It would take a plot to buy this, and a reason would be needed.

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