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 Ahzlan Lionez

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    "Lions do not concern themselves with the opinions of sheep~"

    • Full Name: Ahzlan Lionez
    • Nickname: Leo | Ahz
    • Alias: Lion of the Sith
    • Titles: Mistress Lionez
    • Species: Near-human
    • Homeworld: Mandalore
    • Residence: Unknown
    • Rank: I
    • Master: N/A
    • Force Sensitive:Yes
    • Alignment: Lawful Evil

    • Sexual Conduct: Bi-sexual
    • Faction: Old Empire
    • Languages: Galactic Standard | Mando'a | Huttese
    • Occupation: Sith Acolyte
    • Gender: Female
    • Age: Twenty-Five GSY
    • Height: 7ft5
    • Weight: 255lbs
    • Skin Color: Bronze
    • Eye Color: Gold
    • Hair Color: Blonde

    • [​IMG]
    HEAR ME ROAR: A woman of commanding authority and a presence that radiates dominance, Ahzlan is by all definitions of the word 'ferocious'. When she speaks, all listen regardless of rather they want to or not. Every fiber of her being oozes power and control and rarely is the Lioness ever truly pushed to the sidelines. While intimidating at first glance Ahz possesses a noble and chivalrous energy which may be enough to put the restless at ease. But one should always remember that she was born and raised a Mandalorian and as a result she has become extremely abrasive in everything she does. So bare this in mind oh audience mine; beware the Lions jaws~

    REGAL LETHALITY: While certainly possessing an aura of regality and sovereign superiority one would be horribly mistaken to consider Ahzlan 'soft' and 'caring'. While she is not beyond her moments of affection and wholesome intimacy Ahzlan is known for being terrifyingly fierce and relentlessly violent. She approaches every situation head on and does not hesitate to display overwhelming force and savagery. She is not known for her kindness or modesty, she speaks her mind no matter how vulgar or ugly it may be and respects almost no authority but her own and those who have earned her respect. A feat which is a gauntlet in of itself much to the annoyance of her superiors.

    SIN OF PRIDE: A proud woman with overwhelming arrogance and ego. But is it not deserved? Once upon a time she had nothing, was nothing. And even when chased from her home and disowned by her own family she triumphed over her suffering. And now it is she who has power, she who commands, she who succeeds. Her image is everything to her and rarely is she swayed by the opinions of those around her. While she wholeheartedly believes anyone can achieve greatness she holds very few people in high regard. To earn her respect is something to be truly proud of,for it means she recognizes you as her equal in every way. But for those who have yet to earn this honor, they will not even have the honor to be called 'he or she'. But merely 'it', for that is all they will ever be~

    FAMILY IS FOREVER: Her people, her Clan...once upon a time they were what she held closest to her heart aside from her own self image and hunger for power. But since her exile she has sought to attain new bonds by recruiting others into her new 'family'. As dysfunctional at they may be while under the influence of The Sith There is very little she wouldn't do for her family and the sacrifices she has made for them will always be considered her greatest achievements. No battle, no war, no business deal will ever compare to the lengths she has gone to provide for her 'House' and its individuals. Probably one of the only people in the galaxy who have seen a kinder, more affectionate Ahzlan. The Lioness is very family oriented and like a proud mother will often end up bragging about a great achievement of those within her House~

    SELF MADE WOMAN: Shocking as it may be to those who meet the Lioness for the first time, but Ahzlan once came from nothing. Growing up in a lesser clan of Mandalore and being so poor she couldn't even afford bread she quite literally had to claw and fight to survive during every step of her young life. Weakness was something she was defined by and despite that fact she sought success and attained power with nothing but sheer will and determination. Despite the adversity, the pain, and the looming possibility of failure she managed to climb the ranks of Mandalore and become a force not to be trifled with. And even in her exile she started the process once again and managed to succeed but this time among the Old Empire~ Because of her humble beginnings Ahzlan has a great disdain for those who wallow in their poor lifestyles and complain that 'things aren't fair' when she herself had to do whatever it took to survive and triumph.


    IMPECCABLE VISAGE: A creature born of fire and passion she is derived from golden glory, but ever still possesses the conduct proper of overwhelming dominance. A ravishing sense of quiet discord barely humbles the reaping of her vainglorious engrossment, barbaric elegance, all calmly mantling the dipped wax of swarthy, licentious filth feasting and breeding beyond the sultry veil of empyrean elitism. Her image is everything and anything; a culture of splendor inseminated therein her noble cultivation and golden woven blood. Each blemish she finds, on those who surround her or upon herself, is viciously scrutinized, and mercilessly sacrificed to the flames and scattered into dust.

    AMAZONIAN STATURE: Of considerable frame, she stands of herculean derive, toned and edged in the sharpened raze of a driving blade, primal and coiled bearing of silent wait of a crusade vindicator, an artisan of both impassioned affair and war as its contrive lines the thickened proportion of virile eminence. She towers over most men and women, her size and mass alone drawing the gaze of bystanders as they stare upon her hulking form.

    MANDALORIAN ENERGY: Supremacy flows through the invisible chasms of an iron moat eroded by the soft ebbing tide of chilling waters. Draped in crimson cloth and adorned in glorious, golden armor, and the iconic T shaped visor, the mark of any 'true' Mandalorian. Ahzlan cherishes the armor of her great grandfather, even in her exile she holds true to the traditions and teachings instilled into her at birth~

    EXOTIC MISTRESS: Rich, chocolate toned flesh glistens when exposed to the light. A woman of mesmerizing beauty and grace. Bronze colored surface complimented with flowing, blonde hair and piercing golden eyes. Her body taught and firm, her muscle rich and defined. She exist on a level all her own and in the end should one be fortunate enough to spot the Lioness unarmored may be treated to a sight some may even kill for~


    Tacticians Authority: An intellectual mind capable of adapting on the fly Ahzlan is a born tactician and every move she makes tends to mean something. Rarely does she ever make a 'random action' and when it comes to planning complex strategies designed from the ground up for every situation she excels in both offensive strikes, counteractive maneuvers, and defensive strategies. Often thinking outside the box and capable of changing her plans on a dime in the heat of the moment.

    Melee Combatant: Ahzlan has always had an obsession with hand held melee weapons, often favoring them over blasters and lightsabers. Just having the weight behind a weapon and feeling its physical presence gives her a sense of power that has yet to be rivaled by the typical 'Sith weapon' of choice. Swords, Maces, Spears, Poleaxes, staffs, daggers, axes, javelins, shields, and many many more. If there is a blade or a blunt instrument attached then Ahzlan has likely used it. And it is because of this she is such a fierce adversary; she can switch fighting styles on the fly depending on the weapon she is wielding which makes her highly unpredictable to her foes. To be highly offensive and barbarically aggressive with a warhammer one battle and then be defensive with a shield and spear the next is something few have the skill to counter and adapt too.

    Force Adept: While Ahzlan has a noticeable distaste the use of a large majority of force abilities she does tend to favor the ones that give her physical prowess a significant buff in potency. Capable of accelerating her speed, strength, stamina and overall efficiency is something that Ahzlan highly favors over cheap tricks such as 'mind trick' or 'telekinesis'. Abilities she would never be caught dead even attempting despite the constant prodding by her Master to do so.

    Technologically Challenged: A weakness that she herself finds extremely annoying is her complete inability to understand most technology. The more buttons, displays, and blinking dials there are the more uncomfortable she becomes. She has no clue how to operate a terminal, is completely baffled when trying to use gadgets she is given and has even gone as far as to design her armor with almost no kind of tech. She even avoids jetpacks like a sickness despite the fact the massive majority of her people utilize them for mobility.

    Mayday: To go on from the fact she can't really use technology she is also a god awful pilot. If she were to be put in control of flying any kind of craft it would likely end in fire and tragedy. While she has attempted to 'learn' it is still something she can't wrap her head around. With all the levers, blinking buttons, and complex lingo Ahzlan is better suited as a passenger than an actual pilot.

    Ready! Aim! Miss?: One of the most shocking things most Mandalorians used to tease her over is the embarrassing reality that she has little to no skill with firearms. Any kind of blaster or slug is pretty much worthless in her hands unless a target is at point blank range and even then she'd probably end up missing. Only weapon she has been known to use reliably is a shotgun but aside from that don't expect her to be sniping targets from a long range yet alone hitting anything that is moving.

    Pride: A weakness that lands more on the mental side of things rather than the physical; Azhlan is an extremely proud woman who takes her image very seriously. Being insulted, disrespected, or anything similar is something that really grinds her gears and she can't for the life of her let the little things go. She is quick to maintain her honor and pride, often by challenging her enemies to duels which more often than not only one tends to walk away from in the end.

    • Born on Mandalore and raised by Clan Lionez, a smaller, lesser clan.
    • Grew up as a common Mandalorian child alongside her brothers and sisters.
    • Eventually her Mandalorian training and attained the armor of her great, great, grandfather.
    • After training she quickly joined the Military as a Mandalorian Marauder~
    • While excelling in her military career it was soon discovered that she was force sensitive. Ashamed of her newfound gifts she suppressed them, remaining quiet about connection to the force until during a battle between clans she killed a fellow Mandalorian by accident. Exposing herself and her secret to her people which quickly led to her being blacklisted by her own people.
    • Ahzlan was then disowned by her own family and was forced to flee her home. She was then discovered by a Sith Lord who sensed the betrayal and anger radiating off her very being. Seeing her potential he manipulated her into becoming his apprentice~
    • While training under her master Ahzlan retained many of her former teachings, refusing to let them go and mixing her Sith Teachings with her Mandalorian way of life. And although she holds on tightly to her old traditions she has become an enemy of her people and is often hunted by her own~
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    Hey there. I'm not doing a review or anything. Just a reminder that both Sith Empires have laws that actively suppress Mandalorian culture. If you are looking at wearing armor that resembles a T-visor, you will more-than-likely run into some problems ICly because they are illegal. Same goes for any outward displays of Mando culture on a Sith World.

    @Subject 11
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    DOPE profile layout.

    Though I have to ask, why is "sexual conduct" a thing that needs mentioning?
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    FTL is right, if you are using mandalorian armor, and specially a T-vizor helmet, then you're going to get hunted on sight in Sith space. So either you get rid of that or be prepared to be attacked everywhere you go. Secondly if you are using armor then you need a tech profile for the armor that is approved or use an existing approved one. And despite the hints of her having a reputation, as a level 1 she will start as a nobody. She might think greatly of herself in her mind, but in reality she's gonna be just another unknown acolyte.

    Tag me once you've sorted out the armor.