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 Independent Ahrina Tirisfel

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    Ahrina Tirisfel

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    Born in Coronet City, Ahrina Tirisfel lived a life of poverty and discrimination like many aliens living in the human-centric Imperial Republica. Forced into the slums of the Alien Quarter, the young Togruta grew up surrounded by squalor but in a community still filled with love. What little supplies the Quarter received were dolled out fairly, and the aliens banded together to help one another rise over the barriers placed by their human counterparts. Ahrina's tenament was fortunate enough to be a recipient of a half-functioning computer system and a series of educational holo courses, and this peak into the world outside the Quarter lit a fire in the young Togruta to see more.

    Pursuing her education by whatever avenues became available to her, Ahrina spent her days working to help support her sickly mother and her nights learning how to slice into communication networks and system hubs; always seeking out the truth of the world beyond the propaganda of human supremacy broadcast into the Alien Quarter. One day she came across a news report done by a human named Jacob Tagger exposing corruption in the upper levels of CEC, and in that moment her thirst for knowledge and her desire for truth crystalized into what she wanted to be; an investigative holoreporter.

    Creating her own holo-blog The Coronet Gazette, Ahrina began venturing beyond the lower levels of Coronet City and into the maelstrom of corruption and villainy that enveloped Corellia, always seeking out the truth and greed behind the mask of gentility the Republica wore.


    Ahrina Tirisfel has always had a strong sense of right and wrong; even as a youngling, she was the self-appointed guardian of her playmates against monsters and bullies. Righteous and uncompromising in her views, she abhors those who deal in lies and think that their status or wealth means they can mistreat those below them with impunity. Naturally, this has placed her squarely against the culture of the Republica and the Sith that rule it.

    Ahrina proudly considers herself to be Corellian, despite being dismissed by most human Corellians as a lesser alien not worthy to call their planet her home. Corellia is all she has ever known; the sunlight rising through the shining towers of Coronet City, the thrum of engines powering through the atmosphere, the sounds of manufacturing at the shipyards clamoring beneath the hustle and bustle of life, day and night. Her second tongue is Olys Corellsi, and the streets of Corellia mean more to her than the canopy-covered valleys of Shili ever could. She does what she does in the hopes of helping to forge a better Corellia.


    Ahrina is a slicer of above average skill, using her abilities to investigate corruption in the Capitol and then broadcast the information on illegal Holonet streams. Going by the nom de guerre Seeker, Ahrina posts articles, holos, and vlogs onto her blog "The Coronet Gazette", mostly featuring abuses and crimes committed by the rich and powerful of her homeworld. Her passion has her moving throughout the city quickly, always chasing the next "big scoop", and she enjoys free-running through the sprawling urban metropolis she calls home. As one might expect, investigating those who would rather not be seen requires a strong gift for both stealth and disguise. Ahrina has become quite skilled at getting into places she shouldn't and getting back out again, or disguising her features and adopting a persona to get where she needs to be.

    Growing up in the alien slums of Coronet where theft and fighting went hand in hand with surviving, Ahrina is no stranger to back alley scraps with the odd swoop gangster or security forces and uses a customized set of shock boxing gloves and her father's old Cosmowrench to great effect, though she's never clashed with trained combatants. She also keeps her father's old DH-17 pistol, and while she does practice her marksmanship, she hopes to never need to use its lethal setting.

    Like all Corellians, Ahrina has a fascination with anything that can be flown recklessly and at high speeds. While she has never had the opportunity to fly a ship, she has logged hundreds of hours in an old piloting sim and has the distinct honor of being on a first name basis with her districts CorSec traffic patrol authority for her hair-raising stunts on her grav board or behind the controls of an airspeeder.