A Shade of Dread

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    Character Name and Link: Cregan Drast

    Character Level: 4

    Character Rank: Jedi Master

    Name of Plot: A Shade of Dread

    Participants in the plot: @Nefieslab @Faster Than Light @GABA @Sreeya

    MVP participant: @Faster Than Light

    Intended Outcome of Plot: Cregan and Spencer went out to deal out justice as Shadows, to showcase that Spencer can be a leader and that Cregan was ready to become a Master.

    Actual Outcome of Plot: Spencer proved himself a capable leader in battle and trying times while their efforts were appreciated by Winters despite not being her real focus.

    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved? If yes, please highlight the relevant threads below
    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:
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