Ask A Pokemon World: The Wallflower

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    It had been a busy day for the trainers of the mysterious Psychic gym in Saffron City. Four trainers had come to battle Sabrina, the gym leader, though only one made it all the way to her. Before she would consider battling anyone, they first had to beat her four underlings. The first was a pushover, the second and third more of a challenge, but the fourth seemed too strong for three of the challengers. This fourth challenger, the only victor that day, came prepared with his Pokemon team and won with only using a single Ghost type.

    Now that the day was over, there was still much work to be done. The floors needed to be cleaned, the pokemon tended to, and more importantly the potions and revives used on the house trainers needed to be replenished. These tasks were all left to one individual, a young girl not quite strong enough to be a gym trainer yet. Her name was Midna Harris. She was fourteen years of age and only had two pokemon. Only one of which was psychic and that was her darling Kirlia. Evelyn had found Kirlia when she was a Ralts, the stage one form of her evolution chain. She loved Kirlia because like her, she could use psychic powers. That's what brought Minda to Saffron City.

    While being born in this city, her parents actually lived on a farm some several miles south of the city. But when her parents discovered Minda's powers, they sent her to the Gym with Sabrina who agreed to take her in and teach her how to control her abilities. While Midna missed her parents greatly, she understood she was a danger to people around her without Sabrina's guidance. But all of her training came with a price, one Minda was more than happy to pay. Since she couldn't leave the city without someone watching her, she had no way of getting more Pokemon on her team. And she couldn't very well battle with her second pokemon -Gastly- for he wasn't a Psychic type. So, without being able to pay her way in the gym, she agreed to tending after it. Which is what she was doing today.

    Minda had just finished healing the trainers' Pokemon and making sure they were all fed and groomed for tomorrow. The markets would be open for another few hours so she'd leave after her own dinner to go to the Pokeshops. Once she got home, like always, she'd then get to cleaning the gym to make sure it was spotless and pristine for the morning. Locking the door to the gym she tugged her backpack over her shoulder and headed down the main road when she saw someone coming towards her....

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