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    Character Name and Level: Darth Parox (3)
    Character Rank: Sith Lord (Crusader at plot start)
    Name of Plot: A Dance With Dragons
    Participants in the plot (Character accounts): @Darth Parox, @Aadya Drast
    Intended Outcome of Plot: For the two Sith to kill a dragon and steal two eggs.
    Actual Outcome of Plot: Milo and Aadya killed a dragon and stole 2 eggs, one for each of them.
    Any PVP or Staff DMing involved? No.
    Link to Dice Roll Thread if used: N/A
    Relevant Threads and a description per thread in chronological order:

    Drastically Off-Course — Milo's shuttle crash lands on Arkania, and he and Aadya Drast find that they're the only survivors.
    Natives — Milo and Aadya speak to the locals and hear of a dragon that has been terrorizing the village for the past century.
    A Dance With Dragons — Milo and Aadya head into the dragon's lair and kill it.​
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