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    This is going to be the thread where I put all possessions, roleplay ideas, inspiration and stuff that I won't put in the character sheet itself.

    I'll put a bunch of links at the start here to take people to the character sheet associated as well as the post.

    please do not post in this thread.
    Heavyweight Wrestling | Ask/Event | Abandoned - a disguised Sith is taking on a wookiee challenger.
    The Snake Who Thinks Himself A Krayt | Ask | Active - A group of pretenders have drawn the ire of Old Empire operatives.
    Need A Light | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - On Tatooine there is a crashed ship that some adventures plan on looting.
    Parseltongue | Ask/Plot | Active - The rebels need some help acquiring a contract with SVS

    Burkhart Kelborn
    Koil Solus

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    Burkhart Kelborn
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    • This is the 1st tab


    • [​IMG]

      ⇼ Party Crasher ⇼
      A gathering of wealthy individuals has come to our attention. the idea is to infiltrate and interrupt this party. Don't hesitate to get your hands dirty and take whatever you like. Sow the seeds of fear and destruction on the galaxy's most "powerful".

      ⇼ Outlaw's Game ⇼
      Cities in outer rim have been causing some commotion, more than the usual. Normally these don't interfere with our interests but we are going to play bad cop and teach these rascals what it means to cause problems us. They have done enough damage to make the local law enforcement fear them but we'll make an example of the scum to show the locals know who they should fear more.

      Hunting Trip Gone Awry⇼
      Having taken time off from normal duties to hunt some game either at a preserve or in wildlands (type of game he's hunting may vary) but things take a turn for the worst when a group of poachers (other than us) arrive to not only hunt the same game that we are hunting, but as well as anything that isn’t a part of their own group.

    • [​IMG]


      Cyzyn's Custom Dueling Armour
      Drake Heavy Armor
      EVA suit (On ship)
      3x Slave Trooper Armor sets


      Droids / Pets / Slaves

      PI - 286 series pilot droid - The pilot droid does not leave Hozan's ship at any time.
      Siri - KF Series Labor Droid - Rarely speaks but has a feminen voice program. Siri remain's on Hozan's ship at all times unless given a specific instruction for labor.
      Tin Man - 5U infantry droid - Use primarily for presence purposes to guard the ship or otherwise intimidate others with an extra individual presence in confrontation.
      Vox - MR4 series protocol droid - Left on the ship unless otherwise directed for specific assignment.



      Utility belt - holds several scentless and tasteless nutrient capsules, comm link, signal traver, port scanner, NV5 personav, & survival knife.
      datapad - while not usually fit on his utility belt hen often has a datapad at the ready when dealing with logistics or business deals.


      Horizon Call - Mynock series freighter - an unassuming yet versatile craft that will serve Hozan's purposes for the time being. A flight suit is usually worn when flying between systems.
      swoop bike - 88-V Ranger - to travel on terrestrial areas.


      1k credits


      pugio blaster pistol - is a common side arm and while Hozan does not use it often he owns one since it is standard issue and is Republica property technically.
      2x fragmentation grenades

      Sith Marauder Armor - fit to his size and comfort when not wearing his heavy armor
      Javelin light repeater - Only recently acquired and gaudy in Hozan's eyes it is simply kept for the purpose of adaptability on board his ship.
      2x dual phase lightsabers

    • Title | Type | Status - Summary

      RD: Wrong Neighborhood | ASK/Plot | COMPLETED - A warehouse possibly holding Dread Lord secrets from the past centuries.
      Meet the Meat and Greet the Great | OPEN/Social | COMPLETED - Hozan organizes a party at a club on Coruscant.
      Un-Life Day | OPEN/Event/PvP | abandoned - A pack of spiders on Kashyyyk are a threat to the wookiees plus the thrill of the hunt has brought the Sith over to the wooded planet.
      RD: Storing for Cinder | ASK/Plot | COMPLETED - A storehouse on Eriadu is gangster property and needs to be raised.
      Shoring Up: Rising Front | ASK/Plot | Stalled - A trio of acolytes needs to make an example out of individuals on a space station.
      RD: Stubborn to Death | Ask/Plot | Active - The gangsters' leader on eriadu needs to be taken out.
      RE: Landfall | Ask/Plot | Active - The first trip to D'Qar in literally a few centuries.
      Somethings In The Dark | OPEN/PvP | Active - Hozan and his partner go to the Roche asteroid to clear out any vermin that have infested the place.

    • Song Name ⇼ Artist Name

      Far From Any Road ⇼ The Handsome Family
      The Destroyer of All Things ⇼ Blue Stahli
      End of an Empire ⇼ Celldweller
      Centuries - Gazzo Remix ⇼ Fall Out Boy
      Legends Never Die ⇼ League Of Legends (Feat. Against The Current)
      Gods Of War ⇼ Celeste Buckingham
      Schatzki Marsch ⇼ Feindflug
      The Jungle ⇼ The Qemists (Feat. Hacktivists)
      Ain't No Grave - Epic Trailer Version ⇼ Hidden Citizens, Adam Christopher
      Bury Me Face Down ⇼ Grandson
      Ain't No Devil ⇼ Andrea Wasse
      Please Tell Me ⇼ Kings Of The City
      Black Dragon ⇼ The Vines
      Believer ⇼ Imagine Dragons
      Event Horizon ⇼ FreqGen
      Warpaint ⇼ Mossy.
      Choke ⇼ Hybrid
      Burn The Clock ⇼ Freeland
      Law Of NAture ⇼ Sixfingerz
      War Pigs (300: Rise of an Empire) ⇼ Black Sabbath
      Mega Tubes ⇼ Moon Hooch
      You Feel Me ⇼ Born I Music
      Angel ⇼ Massive Attack
      Event Horizon ⇼ Celldweller
      Nightmare ⇼ Biometrix
      My Church Is Black ⇼ Me And That Man
      As I Lay Dying ⇼ Diplo
      Lament ⇼ Light of Aidan
      The Reckoning ⇼ UNSECRET
      Dangerous ⇼ Son Lux
      Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix ⇼ The White Stripes
      Already Dead ⇼ Tombz
      Carrion Flowers ⇼ Chelsea Wolfe
      Epicentre (1st & 2nd Movement) ⇼ Carbon Based Lifeforms

    • Metal Mania Orange

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    Koil Solus

    • This is the 1st tab

    • [​IMG]

      1: Cartridges as Cover
      Koil is in the market, the black market, for some new arms and weaponry. When in a shady environment in the lawless area of the galaxy (take your pick there are a lot) two groups end up having a shootout in a place of trade. A third party hires Koil to make an example of the two parties to send a message so that nobody does so in neutral ground again.

      2: High Price for Herbs and Spice
      A client has hired Tecov to acquire a fresh shipment of Tauira, a delicacy. The only problem to get it one has to infiltrate a heavily guarded pirate base that also houses a great deal of other drugs.

      3: Drifting in Darkness(multiple parts)
      Rumors of a large ghost ship have been circulating through the spaceports and Tecov decides to check it out. Characters must find it and once they find it, they must deal with whatever surprises lay in wait.

    • Weapons-

      all weapons usually have 2 reloads unless stated otherwise

      Melee | Vibro-blade | Echani Vibro-sword | Shockboxing Gloves
      Strill | Medium Blaster pistol | Customized for his grip and easy draw.
      Beviin light repeater | light repeating blaster | Customized for his grip, can wield like a normal blaster rifle due to his superior size, weight and muscle mass.
      Shriek Hawk Blaster Rifle | Medium Blaster Rifle | Versatile and the more commonly used weapon on his person it fits nicely with his larger body while it might be on the bigger side for more 'average' individuals.
      Stun Scattergun | stun scatter-blaster[/URL] | It is hard to travel if your wanted for murder so its handy to have a weapon that stuns and not kill.
      Grenades | 2 fragmentation grenades
      Vorantikus Blaster Rifle |
      DH-7 Blaster Pistol | Taken from smugglers
      VBP-11 blaster pistol | Medium blaster pistol | Customized for his grip and easy draw.
      Quickdraw blaster pistol | advanced medium blaster | primary sidearm


      Beskar'gam | Medium armor | covered in scatter weave with wrist rocket and jetpack
      Kih Beskar'Gam | Light armor | just a personal Hippeus Protective Kit with computer spike.
      Heavy Beskar'gam | Heavy armor | Jetpack & Wrist rocket

      Outfits & accesories-

      Poncho made out of trandoshan skins.
      Wuffa worm teeth on a necklace.


      XS-100 light freighter
      88-V Ranger


      Boi is homeless and sleeps on his ship


      KF series labor droid
      286 series pilot droid
      MR4 series protocol droid


      commlink, signal tracer, port scanner, NV5 personav, flashlight, lighter, 1st aid kit, flask
      NX-13 Grapple Pistol - A basic grappling gun


    • Thread Title | Type | Status - Summary

      Two Birds: Stones Bleed | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - A promising bounty needs to be found on Randon.
      Trandos vs Mandos | OPEN/Event | COMPLETED - Numerous Trandoshans are staging a slaving operation but clan Solus plans on ruining those plans.
      There's A Snake In My Boot | OPEN/Event | COMPLETED - There's plenty of trandoshans planning on enslaving wookiees. This time Koil will work with those outside of his clan.
      Want Them To Want Us | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - Meeting with Contruum officials for discussing mandalorian presence.
      Shoring Up: Depthfinding | Open/PVP | COMPLETED - A group of sith are after some criminals on Manaan.
      SitC: Purchase Order | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - Ships need to be purchased for local defense assets for the future base.
      One of Those Crazy Girls | Open/Plot | Abandoned- An out of town gal arrives on Concord Dawn looking for a teacher.
      Badgering Moff Jeeeeenkins | Ask | Active - The bounty for Moff Jenkins is underway.
      A Base To Call Home | Open/PvP | COMPLETED - Koil and Dio need to survey an abandoned base for their own future mandalorian HQ.
      Two Birds: Smirt Hits Dirt | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - The bounty Wyatt and Koil are tracking is in an airship so they are decide to board it and take him out.
      Dig Deep and Hunt | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - Koil and two others go after some escaped illegal animals attacking miners.
      A Few Bad Seeds | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - Red Skull gangs need to have their new storehouse destroyed.
      Good Fight Moon | Ask/Plot | COMPLETED - On Concordia there is a Red Skull base, paired with Narir, the two Al'verde assualt the criminals.
      Over Mountain Tops | OPEN/PvP/Plot | COMPLETED - Koil and Narir sabotage Nubia's shipyards.
      Spelunky! | ASK/Plot | COMPLETED - There is a naturally ideal location on Umbara for mandalorian forces, however there are other forces there that are yet to be discovered.
      Badger Potluck | ASK/Social | Active- Badger party.
      SSC: Such Service | ASK/Plot | Active - a deal needs to be made to the discretion of a current project.
      Triple x Rated: Dealing Death | ASK/Plot | Active - The first steps towards getting a sublight booster are being made.
      SITC: Bye Bye, Buccaneers | ASK/PLOT | Active - Koil takes a small group to fights some brigands in the concord dawn system.
      SITC: Preying on Predators | ASK/PLOT | Active - A local farm needs help dispatching predators.
      SITC: Let's Not Rue the Rau | ASK/PLOT | Active - A deal with clan Rau needs to be made.
      Not the Reading Kind | OPEN/PvP | Active -

    • I already have music on her CS but i'm going to add more probably with not just the songs and artists but most likely the videos that hold the specific visuals i want relating to the songs
      Musical Inspiration
      Walking After Midnight
      ❖ Ki:Theory
      Short Change Hero ❖ The Heavy
      One For the Money ❖ Escape the Fate
      Always One The Run ❖ No Wyld
      Tommy's Theme ❖ NOISIA
      I Like These Odds ❖ Jay Kill & The Hustle Standard
      Slay It - Original Mix ❖ Cryptex
      Fairly Local ❖ Twenty One Pilots
      Keep Talking ❖ Hippie Sabotage
      Heist ❖ Lindsey Stirling
      Consider This ❖ Matt Lange
      Enjoy The Silence ❖ Ki:Theory
      Personal Jesus (remix) ❖ Johnny Cash
      No Grey ❖ The Neighbourhood
      Daydreamer ❖ Traveling Light
      Friction ❖ Imagine Dragons
      This Is A War ❖ LOSERS

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