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 Galactic Alliance 2B-83 (Twobee)

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    2B-83, more commonly known as Twobee to other members of the Alliance, is a 2B-series protocol droid produced by Cybot Galactica and a member of the Galactic Alliance. She was programed primarily as a translator and was originally an Imperial droid before being press-ganged into Greybok's service. She was fluent in approximately three million forms of communication and was well-known in the Alliance for being fussy, sarcastic, and vindictive, though she still (somewhat) willingly translates for her Wookiee "companion." Later, she became a military protocol droid for Star Squadron and acted as the squadron's quartermaster.

    Twobee's head was decapitated from the rest of her body, whilst she was serving as an Imperial protocol droid, when Greybok revolted with other slaves and escaped Imperial captivity. He kept her head strapped on his bandolier as a trophy and a translator, leading to a symbiotic relationship: she needs him to stay functional, and he needs her to serve as his translator. Her body was later restored upon her promotion to quartermaster of Star Squadron.


    2B-83 was manufactured by Cybot Galactica and purchased by the Sith Empire for use as a translator for its alien slave species. She mostly oversaw the Wookiee slaves working in Imperial shipyards in Imperial Hutta. However, shortly before the outbreak of the Great Galactic War, the Wookiee slaves she was overseeing were freed by agents of the Galactic Alliance. In the ensuing revolt, 2B-83 was decapitated by the Wookiee warrior Greybok and her head was taken as a trophy.

    Greybok later mounted her head on his bandolier so that she could serve him in perpetuity as a translator. The Wookiee joined the Galactic Alliance shortly thereafter and, as a result, so did 2B-83, who soon was nicknamed (somewhat affectionately) "Twobee" by other rebels against the Empire. The duo became well-known throughout the larger rebellion for their eccentric behavior and penchant for crazy-flying and (sometimes unintentional) destruction.


    6403 BBY — 2B-83 is activated and sold to the Sith Empire.
    6400 BBY — 2B-83 meets Greybok, who is a slave, in Imperial Hutta.
    6399 BBY — Alliance agents incite a slave riot. Greybok decapitates 2B-83 and takes her head.
    6398 BBY — Present day; 2B-83 has her body restored.
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