Ask 2562: Part II

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    1030 HOURS, JULY 14, 2562 (MILITARY CALENDAR) \


    Nicola woke with a start to the noise in her earpiece. An explosion? That was...unexpected. She sat up, kicking off the sleeping bag separating her from hard ground and pulling on a random shirt she had managed to scrounge from the markets. She stood up, shaking out the weariness in her eyes as she made her way to where Gerard was, looking at the flames radiating off the early morning air of the planet. The Petty Officer pulled back the slide on her Magnum and holstered it, looking over the balcony.

    "The hell? This..isn't right. I'll go boot up Nev and the command consoles. See exactly what's going on around here."

    She nodded to Gerard and went back inside, sitting down criss-cross and booting up a laptop, also clicking on the large brick that doubled as an operating center for Nev (which she had lugged around in that backpack all on her own all the way up here, mind you), then joined the two with a plug. Nev flicked to life in the corner of the screen.

    "You've been awake for a bit. What happened, Nev? What's the fire about?"
    At the same time, she linked the comms to Gerard and the others to listen in.

    "Some kinda explosion down there. Hell of a dynamite stick...haven't heard anything on the lines yet, though--wait, there's a fire department on its way."

    Sevry let herself think for a bit. An explosion? Why? ​