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    ► 27​
    ► Human​
    ► 1.753 meters (5 feet, 9 inches)​
    ► 63.503 kg (140 lbs)​
    ► Golden Brown​
    ► Black​
    ► Corellia​
    ► Female​
    ► Independent​
    ► Club Owner And Proprietor​
    ► No​
    “Queenie K” was born Kamisha Zita Rho in Coronet City to an Imperial Agent and a popular cabaret dancer during the Imperial reign on Corellia. The agent, Duraunt Amoza, continued his service to the Republica but supported his unexpected family from afar. Ramielia Rho, her beautiful mother, had support aside from her father in the owner of the club that she worked for… a man by the name of Pavador Luce. Luce was every bit as attracted to Rho as Amoza was and showered her with affection in Amoza’s absence. Rho was torn between the two, not because she loved either of them, but because she was in a position of facing harm if she left either one. She understood that to them she was nothing more than a trophy... a possession. But she did it all for her little Kamisha. As time went on, she would stock away a little bit of her support here and there as a fund for her precious daughter. But she kept her affair with Luce a secret from both Kamisha and her father.

    Kamisha was a bright and flamboyant child with an outspoken attitude. Her friends mostly consisted of the offspring of local merchants, performers, and waitstaff. Her best friend Domi was the son of a metalsmith whose unflinching attitude prevented her customer base from taking advantage of her. When hanging out at her friend’s mother’s shop, she oftentimes watched her barter and haggle her wares, taking notes on the finer points of salesmanship. She also admired the clothing of another shopkeeper, a seamster, and when she was old enough, she took a job as his assistant where she learned how to sew and design clothing. She soon began designing clothes for herself, and it wasn’t long before some individuals began to take notice.

    When she was growing into womanhood, she began to hang out in her mother’s club and soon showed an interest in the business, but not as a performer or server. Luce, seeing how Kamisha was blossoming into a dynamic woman with a brilliant business mind, fashion sense and attention to detail, decided to offer her an assistant management position for twice the amount of money that she was earning as an apprentice seamstress. She accepted the position and became a very successful assistant, keeping the books, scheduling shows, giving artistic direction to the performers and making improvements on the costumes. But it was several years later when the manager tried to make advances and force himself onto Kamisha that her no-nonsense attitude exploded like dynamite. She fought back loud and hard, punching, kicking, clawing and raving and calling all attention to his act right then and there. Luce stepped in and manhandled the manager as they went through a back door. That manager was never seen again after that night, but a new manager took his place the very next day… Kamisha Rho. (It was this incident that drove Kamisha to sign on for boxing lessons.) She managed the club for three years before that one fateful night…

    By this time, Duraunt Amoza had risen up in the ranks and achieved the status of Imperial Director. He had not been on planetary leave for years and his moment was finally approaching. Before heading to Coronet City to find Rameilia he sent an agent to the club to check up on her before his arrival. The agent came back with devastating news… Rameilia had been spotted being intimate with Luce. Amoza did not stay to hear the status of his daughter. Instead he immediately commanded that a team be sent to raid the club for “suspicious activities undermining the state of the Imperial Republica”. That night, troops burst into the club shooting and taking prisoners. Both Luce and her mother were shot and killed on sight. Kamisha was shot in the shoulder and the lower part of her right leg, causing her to lose all usage of it. Despite being in great pain, she held still and played dead as troops stepped over her body. After the coast was clear, Kamisha and several other survivors limped their way out of the club and found help. When she was finally brought before a doctor, he informed her that there was too much damage and that they were going to have to amputate her right leg from the knee down. After a few weeks of grieving and healing, her friend Domi presented her with a special gift… a metal leg, crafted by his mother.

    Kamisha re-entered the club several months later and surveyed the damage that the Imperial troops had caused. (It was when she surveyed Luce’s office that she discovered the crystal-handled cane that would become her trademark “scepter”.) She missed the atmosphere, the hustle, the entertainment, the personalities that came to the place on a regular basis, and the stories that she would hear from travelers from other stars. By the time she headed out the door, she had already made up her mind that she would find a way to make this place a hopping club again, but this time she would be in charge. The troops had seemingly raided the vaults and seized their profits “in the name of the Empire”, but luckily, she knew where Luce had stored the petty cash. And it was a lot of petty cash, but not quite enough to get the ball rolling.

    Upon discovering that Kamisha had an interest in owning the club, one of the other surviving employees (who had been a close friend to her mother) informed her about the funds that her mother had socked away for her. She went back to her mother’s living quarters and searched the apartment until she finally found the credits… and that, plus the petty cash, was enough to buy ownership of the property and remodel the interior, giving the place a “royalty” gimmick. She worked several side jobs for survival’s sake and signed for a loan to stock up on supplies and hire servers and entertainment.

    Two months before she planned to open, however, a major change in government occurred when insurgents from Mandalor overthrew the presence of the Imperial Republica on Corellia. This worked to Kamisha’s advantage. The lack of restrictions reduced the amount of red tape so much that she saw the opportunity to open much sooner. Because the locals were so starved for entertainment, she had the loan halfway paid off within a week. “Queenie K’s” now attracts a whole range of customers, as Kamisha is happy to serve them all, as long as they play by her rules. True, she may look the other way if there are shady dealings happening amongst her customer base, but Kamisha had created a strict anti-violence policy, and because of her past experience with the Empire, anyone in her bar that is suspected of serving the Imperial Republica is very closely watched.
    Dark skinned, a little tall, curvaceous figure, voluptuous lips, and wild black hair with tight curls. Frequently wears stylish, dark clothing with a splash of color and gold jewelry. Styles hair outward, giving her the appearance of being larger than life. Walks with the assistance of a metal right leg and a gold-leaf cane with a solid crystal handle.
    Strengths - Kamisha is VERY charismatic but not in a charming way. She can project an intimidating aura of respectability and awe. She is also quite athletic and will punch your lights out if necessary as she has a mean right hook. She is savvy in the ways of running a business and communicating her needs and desires. And boy… does she know what her customer base likes!

    Weaknesses - Due to a life-altering injury several years ago, Kamisha has a metal right leg from the knee down and a cane, so her movement is slowed. She also has a chronic pain in her left shoulder from a laser shot… another injury from the same moment as when she lost her leg. Kamisha also tends to look at life and circumstances from a very black and white point of view and tends not to listen to reason in some circumstances. You have to make a really inarguable point if you want to get through to her. Otherwise, she doesn’t care why you started that fight in her club. OUT!
    Sassy and savvy, “Queenie” Kamisha isn’t simply independent of a faction… she is just plain independent. She likes being in charge but she wants nothing to do with life in any kind of political power struggle. If she’s gonna run something, it’s gonna be on her terms. Kamisha demands that everyone have a good time in an orderly fashion. She most certainly has a kind, motherly streak, can be sweet and flirtatious, and is generous with her hospitality… to a point. Play by the rules, be friendly, be funny, get frisky (with consent)… it’s all good. But if you cross that line then you cross Miss Owner-and-Proprietor “Queenie K”, and that’s just the type of thing that keeps the drinks out of your hand and keeps you out of her club. ”Queenie K” has no tolerance for miscreants who bring chaos to her establishment. NONE.

    Kamisha’s voice ranges from sweet and flirty to GET YOUR BEE-HIND OUT OF MY CLUB!!!
    Management, finances, mixology, interior decorating, sewing and fashion design, boxing, marksmanship, proficiency with blunt weapons. Speaks and writes in Basic, Huttese, and Mando’a. Force skills: None
    WESTAR-1 Blaster Pistol

    Shock Boxing Gloves

    Ornate Gold-leaf Crystal-handled Cane (sometimes used to knock someone upside the head)
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