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    1. Noire
    2. Noire
      We got the mission. I will start the opening post tomorrow. This will be good stuff.
    3. Noire
      That's right. Completely slipped my mind. But if we get the mission I intend to play it off as Caden not having seen Kai in a very, very long time. But like you said, it's no fun if they're always antagonistic towards each other, so he won't be cruel or harsh. More of "get the job done"
    4. Noire
      I remember you did mention that. Why is he broken? And did something happen to the two he already had?
    5. Noire
      Alright. Hopefully, we get it. I have a dope picture for the starter post as well. I meant to tell you that this will be taking place chronologically after Knights of Suffering, which means that the relationship between Caden and Nakoma will have broken down so badly to the point where there is serious bad blood and animosity between them, with most of the resentment probably coming form Caden honestly. So he'll be in a much different place and most likely will act even more like that of a Dark Jedi than a perfect Knight.

      But if I am not mistaken, I believe you intended for Kai to be in a different place psychologically by this time as well right?
    6. Zay
      Awesome! Thanks for the heads up brother. I'll get a post up soon.
    7. Noire
      I say so. I'm going to sign up.
    8. Noire
      The only one I see that is freely available is "A Damsel in Distress".
    9. Noire
      Other side of the world; it's nearly noon. But alright. I'll look into it.
    10. Noire
      That is true though I kind of got caught up. But upon further review, I've realized I've already used the storm motif (though not necessarily in a rebuilding sense). Earlier, however, you were considering an errand/mission as well. And while Caden does not run "errands" per say, he definitely does missions. So we could take a look at the brand new batch of missions that have yet to be taken, or the old ones even, and go from there if you'd like.
    11. Noire
      Totally understandable.
    12. Noire
      Alright. I'll start the thread in a few days or so. And that's pretty dope; Arc idolizing Caden and what not. What do you mean by the "kidding ****ing scene" though?
    13. Noire
      I've posted.
    14. Noire
      I'VE GOT IT.

      1. Firstly, in regards to Caden and Kai, this is my idea: they are forced to work together, not to save themselves or anything adventure/action like, but instead, to rebuild. Literally. There has been a powerful storm or something to that effect on Galtea and some of the wooden homes have been destroyed. Since Nakoma is gone, the people look at those two as the greater beings who can remedy such things, and they'll have to cooperate to help reconstruct homes. It's not a shopping spree, but I can see some easy character development with such a simple task.

      2. Arc; I can certainly imagine him enslaved. I kind of had the idea of him slaving away and some adults/older children mentioning Jedi as if they are fairy tales and he mentions that they are real because "he's met one" and all that jazz. Eh, it was more of a brief glimpse of an idea than a full one for that character. But I'm not at all opposed to having Caden meet him again.
    15. Wolf
      Never seen it. :(
    16. Wolf
      Alright cool! :D I'll let you know when it gets all set up! :)
    17. Wolf
      HAAAIIII!!! I posted a final reply to our lightsaber thread so we could get that out of the way and move on to something more current. :D I will be trying to wrap up a few other threads this week so we can get something new rolling. Ideas? Wanna go with me and another Knight and his student on a mission?
    18. Zay
      Lol i was going with before the war.
    19. Wolf


      ....I'll kill him....

    20. Prazutis
      Hey, usually Praz is pretty secretive. But he knows when it's appropriate and even smart to be blunt. He's laying out his cards. Praz enjoys psycological warfare and likes to employ the rules of war into his strategy.

      And he enjoys looking at guys in skin tight clothes. Nothing wrong with that X)
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