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    1. TwoSidedHeart
      Come on December. I need Rogue One and Suicide Squad Extended Cut!!!
    2. TwoSidedHeart
      Am I the only one who goes through the characters thread and goes through all the profiles? XD
      1. The Captain
        The Captain
        *Raises hand*
        Oct 1, 2016
      2. Marf
        I do that, but I enjoy reading character profiles usually.
        Oct 2, 2016
    3. TwoSidedHeart
      Character One kind of done. XD Now to get some RP's going!
      1. Mary Bothans and Proleptic like this.
      2. Outlander
        What kind of character is it?
        Sep 29, 2016
      3. TwoSidedHeart
    4. TwoSidedHeart
      Gotta do as much as I can on here before my holiday!
    5. TwoSidedHeart
      Finally got my Laptop back. Time to get back into it.
    6. Black Noise
      Black Noise
      To Whet Your Appetite Devote yourself here! At least test the waters before we change timelines, god only knows when that'll happen.
    7. TwoSidedHeart
      Just kinda waiting for this new Timeline before I devote myself to RP. XD
      1. The Derp of Hooves likes this.
      2. Prudence
        A lot of people are.
        Oct 21, 2015
      3. The Derp of Hooves
        The Derp of Hooves
        ^ what he said :3
        Oct 21, 2015
    8. Noire
      No worries if you're busy, as this is just a notification, but you're up in that Jedi mission we're doing.
    9. Prazutis
      Hey dude :) you're up in Escape
    10. Noire
      I posted in our mission thread. Gave a bit more explanation before they head out.
    11. Prazutis
      Thanks dude! I'm gradually trying to make him more and more unique. I'm working in creating 3 Dimensional Characters
    12. Prazutis
      Dark, but I like it! I replied too. Get a little insight into Praz's mind.
    13. Noire
      Yeah, I'm just going to have to wait and see you're grand scheme. But it was! My plan for Caden was to have him be my version of a Skywalker or any major war Hero honestly. Not in the sense of characterization or anything, but more so an integral Jedi character in this timeline's war - not sure it has a name - or something to that effect. But as I looked at his backstory more and the threads I was actually writing with him it changed. It shifted to him being more of what you described.

      And then I wrote some more threads and his frustration began to develop and I played off of that more than I intended until it became what troubled him the most which then led to him deciding he could achieve more good if he were to "sacrifice" what it meant to be a Jedi and go off and try to end the war on his own. I suppose in his mind, he believes he can learn the dark and the light and then use both to help win the war faster.

      Severing a lekku would've been crucial. Real dark place.
    14. Noire
      Just read your post. It was dark, but it was good. And you've given me a great opportunity as well to have Caden face how he feels about all of that early on.

      Surprising though.
    15. Noire
      Well wait a minute, I thought Kai was the one dying. Still leaving us all in the dark with that one. But, however, you do have a point. I was always interested in Caden going down a darker path although "Sith" wasn't necessarily the intent. But he feels failed by the Council and failed by this and that and then he's been influenced by old dead Jedi and stuff and then a Sith got involved and there's just a lot of stuff in the character's head right now.

      Plus Nakoma "betrayed" him in a sense as well. So she didn't help the issue. We still need to do another thread with Arc and 'darker' Caden. I could definitely get behind another thread with the kid.
    16. Noire
      Secret Sith apprentice. Glorified Dark Jedi at this point.
    17. Noire
      Posted in the Roles thread
    18. Prazutis
      Hey dude, hows it going? Sorry I've been MIA, been busy at school and lots of other mitigating factors in my life. But now its done :) back in action and posted!
    19. Noire
    20. Noire
      Ohhhh. Gotcha. I don't really know though, as I'm not that into actors off top like that. I can name very few. The actor would be have to be black, somewhat tall, not towering, but you know. You might have a better idea than me. Why do you ask?
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