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    1. Bubák
      I generally don't add people I know nothing about.
    2. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      Haha, I get you. Sometimes you just need to get a feel for it before you can truly create the character. :)
    3. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      Sounds good to me! Once you're ready with her, would you mind kicking off the thread ?
    4. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      I am up for anything really. We could work something along the lines of Mal and your Bounty Hunter crossing paths during his Jounrney to Arbra. Perhaps in order for Mal to be kept under the Sith (i.e Jedi Hunter Radar) he was placed on several civilian transport vessels in order to move him safely to the enclave. It could be that the two meet up on one of these vessels for whatever reason your bounty hunter is it could result in a mutual team up against some challenge, perhaps your bounty hunter is looking to capture an individual and Mal could aid you capturing him ? Completely up to you, on that regard though i'm just shooting ideas.
    5. Mister Rob
    6. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      Sure, Mal has a story thread already on the go called Complicated Times that may be a good chance for your bounty hunter to meet Mal Saarn before he became a Jedi. It set about 4 years previous to the current timeline so whether or not that would work for you is up to you?
    7. Bubák
      Who are you? Do we know each other?
    8. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      Yep, so now I can begin to train Mal Saarn and have fun at the same time. I see you have some amendments to make, lets hope you get accepted soon so we can role-play our characters together.
    9. Mister Rob
      Mister Rob
      Good thanks, yourself ?
    10. Brandon Rhea
      Brandon Rhea
      We generally advise against it, especially for canon planets. 1 RPer can't control an entire planet, so there's no power that comes along with such a character.
    11. Vulpes
      Thanks for the friend request, but just curious: Do I know you? :P
    12. Minuteman75
      Thank you for your friendship request, LittleWing. See you around :)
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