1. The timeline Fires of Rebellion is ending December 14, 2019, followed by three weeks of an epilogue period for stories to conclude. The new timeline will launch on January 4, 2020.
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Feb 24, 2019
    1. Braxis Omega
    2. Vencu
      For now, I'd like to keep it between myself and Sreeya. Depending on how it takes off, more people may be allowed to join in. I'll let you know.
    3. Allu'rah Danan
      Allu'rah Danan
      Hey, do you think you could reply to Back Alley Blues at some point soon? Fusion and I are waiting on you.
    4. Crackerjack Bohemian
      Crackerjack Bohemian
      I was wondering if you, or anyone else you know, be available to NPC, or participate in any other way, any of the following missions...
      The Sister of the Eye of Palpatine (NPC)
      The Hunt for the Tessents: The Ayrou Tessent (NPC)
      Bacta Basics
      Hey! Give That Back!
      One Last Chance
      Cover Your Mouth
    5. Black Noise
      Black Noise
      We're all still getting used to the new stuff, seeing as it is relatively new haha.
      Glad to know you're back though!
    6. Black Noise
      Black Noise
      You're back! Hallo!
    7. Fusion
      Welcome back, Sam!
    8. Viggy
      Happy New Year! ;D
    9. Viggy
      Oh gog... Equius has so many ****ing issues. XD
    10. Viggy
      My Yule gift to you is linking you this hilarious gem.

    11. Sreeya
      We posted in the battle. Post your escape and we're all done with this mess lol
    12. Viggy
      Like Tavros you say? Brave! I probably wouldn't have the guts to do something like that, lol. Glad it looks good on you, hah.
    13. Sreeya
      Hey, find a way to make your char escape. I gave Xinn the same option but he refused to do that or anything else. He's now under Sith custody. Just post something remotely reasonable, and you can just get out of there.
    14. Sreeya
      That's my point. Xinn never deployed any troops or anything like that. We worked with what we were given. My reply suggested that it'd sink over a long period of time, but Xinn made it begin to sink already so it sped everything up. Sooo that's what you get to work it. It IS a death trap atm. There's literally no way but out. At best, you can try an escape for just your PC, but you've lost the base.
    15. Sreeya
      Yeah, but Xinn agreed to have it just be one barricaded building. That was the understanding Mars and I had too. And the entire thing is collapsing. It's like an outpost.
    16. Sreeya
      There's only one building and it's halfway sunk into the ground by now. It's at the point of completely collapsing >_>
    17. Viggy
      My reply is up now as well. :3
    18. Sreeya
      Feel free to go ahead of Xinn :P
    19. Master Maverick
      Master Maverick
      Way to go!! >O

      hehe, jk. That's a bummer though. Looked fun.
    20. Viggy
      I figured I had to make at least one or two references, if I'm going on a mission with Terez-- er, Samara. ;p And chances are I'll make one or two more in the future! For now, I'm getting off the intertubes. If it's more convenient then these visitor messages for ya, add me on msn. drifting_nebula@hotmail.com

      Btw, nice new avatar! laters
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