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    1. Saul
      When your playing as a monstrous creature which has +1 LA, you don't get a hit die unless the monster specifically states it right? Also, for the spell summon swarm how many animals are in the swarm? Can't find it in the MM.
    2. Insoulent
      just fyi i posted. sorry, computer troubles.
    3. Logan
      I wrote in at some point in his Verd'goten that he was born in to the clan the same as his father, if that doesn't work I'll come up with something.
    4. Sisk_Renelo
      Very cool. Sign up is here, and missions are here. only question I have is his joining. How did he join?
    5. Sisk_Renelo
      So I'm guessing with the last name Renelo you'll be joining the clan?
    6. Saul
      Thanks. I'm thinking more about how bad the -3 armor check penalty would hurt, combined with the -6 from scale + large shield, this early in the game. A total of -9 to Jump etc. seems like a pain in the ass, not to mention the what, -18 to Swim? My character would have to avoid water like the plague, 'lest he drown in a bucket.

      I imagine using the 900g while your character didn't would be abusive, so I'll refrain from getting myself something fancy like a warhorse.
    7. Saul
      D&D question for you: How important is it to remain under the 76 lb. light load limit for my character? I understand I get decent penalties to the skills like Jump and especially Swim and what not, just wondering how important that is in your mind for a more armored character. I ask because I'm debating giving my character a reach weapon, but I know it'd put me over the 76 lb. limit.

      Another one: Level 1 characters start with the amount of money listed in the Player's Handbook. Do level 2's start with the same?
    8. Chairdor
      Your sig be beautiful mang
    9. Defiance
      Been busy. Real busy.
    10. Defiance
      Long time, how's it been?
    11. Toska
      Butler vanished all of a sudden, and he was somewhat instrumental in my characters' plots, haha.
    12. Toska
      Cool. With the timeskip approaching and my schedule back in swing, we should finally get to those threads. (:
    13. Toska
      You still around? Hit me up on Skype sometime.
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