Apr 28, 2015
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Posts comings soon! Got hit by the weekend vampire :( Aug 17, 2019

    1. TheSilentWind
      Don't worry mate. I understand.
    2. TheSilentWind
      Congrats on the boards. I was wondering if Aura could maybe learn some telekinesis, force speed, and sense. The basics are always good to cover.
    3. TheSilentWind
      You wanna do a training thread with Aura?
    4. Lucid
      Hit me up on skype when you have the chance please.
    5. Hopeless Wanderer
      Hopeless Wanderer
      Ooooh... Me likey! So, creepy my dude. You've setup an epic fight. I can feel it!

      On another note, if you have it. Hit me up on Skype, so I don't have to clutter your VM's. haha. CarnageSWRP is my handle.
    6. Hopeless Wanderer
      Hopeless Wanderer
      Haha... Yeah, I've already got that feeling. I'm expecting some kind of Sith possession or some such.

      Oh! And on another note, I'll have about 3 missions and a brief overview of the classes that I plan on offering PMed to you sometime tomorrow. Along with a possible "companion" for the Matukai to bring with them into battle. Though, I'll have to get the species approved of course.
    7. Hopeless Wanderer
      Hopeless Wanderer
      BOOM! First official post of Ar'Rhan is up. Let the mayhem ensue! I'm stoked for this thread... Terak Nur seems like a nasty bastard lol. My kind of dude.
    8. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      Hey just wanted to let you know its your turn in the too close to home
    9. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      thanks will post as now
    10. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      We haven't found anyone so if you don't mind doing the NPCing that would be great
    11. Jake
      Yo, I'm not actually going to make any new main characters since I think the timeline's going to end in a few months, but your Order of the Matukai is looking pretty sweet. I think I'd be down to make a character for that, if you want to shoot some ideas around with me just give me a holler. Also, post in Ryloth incoming here pretty shortly.
    12. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      Hey just wanted to ask if you can do the NPCing for the Witching hour
    13. Flying Blind
      Flying Blind
      Thx for the clarification, makes sense now :)
    14. Flying Blind
      Flying Blind
      Hey, not to nitpick, but shouldn't the respective titles of Proselyte and Disciple be switched? My reasoning is all your Proselytes as far as I know where born into the Order, which would make the unable to be Proselytes since the term means someone who's switched religions. Just saying becuz it seems off to me :)
    15. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      I'm sorry man but you might want to see what's happening in too close to home
    16. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      Thanks also its your turn to post in the thread, but if you could ask TAC for me that would be great if he does mind its alright I have a lot of threads to keep up with so I wouldn't mind
    17. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      Sorry it took so long I finally posted on the too close to home thread
    18. Richie B.
      Richie B.
      Hey just wanted to ask if it is alright to come along with your character when he meets the grandmaster of the Jedi order?
    19. Jake
      I really enjoy your style. Should be fun seeing how the thread develops.
    20. TAC
      Larik (usually) keeps just about as low a profile as possible, unless its for a reason. I assume Xeus is out doing the good work of the Matukai, and it wouldnt be outrageous to assume they might be after a similar lead some time.
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